Afghan Women & Girls

If you have been following the ongoing tragedy that is Afghanistan, you know that the Outspoken Cyclist is passionate about helping to evacuate as many women, girls and their families as possible.

To that end, here are some links to watch, read, and most importantly, help.

RESETTLEMENT FUND  : Once out of the country, the work to resettle begins.  This means starting life over in a new country, leaving behind everything from language to belongings and other family and friends.  Any amount is appreciated.


DIANE & SHANNON’S YOUTUBE CONVERSATION: This conversation took place August 27th as the airport was under siege and the gates were closed.

NPR – 2014 Morning Edition

NPR – 2021 Morning Edition

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Bicycling Magazine Article

The Lily – Washington Post

CNN 9/21

THE TELEGRAPH 9/25/2021 – Special Report