Show #495 – March 14, 2020

Guests: Bouker Pool; Ned Overend

I sincerely hope you are well and not experiencing any effects of the now declared pandemic. I am sure you have been overwhelmed with the flood of information and admonitions about what you should and shouldn’t do.

However, if you are interested, I always like to check in with Dr. Gabe Mirkin’s information and posted his thoughts about the Covid-19 outbreak on our Face Book page if you are interested in reading it. You can also fine his work on line at

This week, I had the distinct honor of a terrific conversation with one of the most celebrated – and deservedly so – mountain bike heroes of the past 40 years! Ned Overend, who is about to turn 65, is still out there competing at incredible levels.  His accolades go on for-EVER – and include 3 Halls of Fame, more titles than you can count, 6-time NORBA Champion, etc. etc. etc.

He’s been a brand ambassador with Specialized since he retired from racing for the company many years ago.

Our conversation covers his early life – from his birth in Taiwan and 4 years in Ethiopia – to his early days as a car mechanic and then a celebrated bike racer.

First though, we’ll speak with Bouker Pool, the Chief Commercial Officer for USA Cycling. With the worldwide spread of the corona virus, the organization is scrambling to get all of our athletes home from racing and training in a myriad of countries.

We’ll talk with Bouker about that as well as what might be on the horizon for the cycling season including nationals, worlds, and the Olympics.

show #494B – March 7, 2020

First up is the advocacy organization in Greenville, SC – Bike Walk Greenville. While it may not be the oldest advocacy group in the U.S. it must certainly be one of the most productive having several BIG projects accomplished in what must be record time.

And, this past week, after browsing an enormous 400+ page document to be presented at the Greenville City Council meeting, Bike Walk Greenville’s executive director, Frank Mansbach found 2 pages that detailed adding sharrows to 13 streets.

THAT was on a Saturday and with some quick phone calls to his executive board, Frank had gotten his advocates lined up and signed up to speak at the council meeting the following Monday. And, damn if they didn’t make their

Then, it’s off to Northern Kentucky for a chat with Joe Braun, ride director for a new event, The Licking Valley Century, which is part of the Kentucky Cycling Challenge this spring and summer. Scheduled for June 27th, the inaugural ride sounds like a real winner.

Finally, not leaving my own backyard without some early spring acknowledgment, I reached out to Jacob Van Sickle, the executive director of Bike Cleveland to get a quick update on how we’re doing – and, I’m pleased to say we’re doing really well.

Show #494 – February 29, 2020

Guests: Chad Corbin; Lance Camisascsa

This week, we will visit with Chad Corbin of Corvid Cycles in Boulder, Colorado. Chad will be at NAHBS for the second time with his handcrafted titanium bicycles, including the new MAP – acronym for More Adventure Please – a light, fast drop-bar mountain machine.

We’ll talk about his background and his thinking about the eBike business.

Then, we chat with Lance Camisasca from The Big Gear Show

I met Lance almost 10 years ago when I was invited to Urban Press Camp in Washington, DC and then to Press Camp in Park City, Utah.

Since then, Lance has been doing quite a few things within the bicycle world; but, his love for events like Press Camp has come full circle with the Big Gear Show.

Launching this July, the B2B2C – Business to Business to Consumer – show will highlight hard goods – not only bicycles, but paddle sports and hiking as well.

Show #493 – February 22, 2020

Guests: Brenna Wrye-Simpson; Elli Sias

Tonight, we meet one of – if not the only – female bicycle mechanic on the pro cyclocross circuit. Brenna Wrye-Simpson started out as a music major; but, when she needed an inexpensive ride for transportation, she found herself taking in all that the two local bikes shops near her college in Portland, Oregon could offer.

She also fell in with a group of cyclists – from there, Brenna not only started working at the bike shop, she also began what is now a professional road racing career AND manages her employer’s shop women’s CX team.

Then, we meet us with Elli Sias. When Elli had exhausted all the bicycle tours she could find in the time she had available to her and found her life partner on one of those tours, it became crystal clear that she needed to start her own touring company.

Together with Dennis Hughes, Elli started Cycle of Life Adventures; and, one of them accompanies every tour they offer.

Show #492 – February 15, 2020

Guests: Robin Thurston; Brian Miller

Every once in a while, I have the privilege of speaking with someone who has made a contribution to our sport – and in this case – to many sports, that has literally changed the way people participate.

Robin Thurston, the new CEO of Pocket Outdoor Media, home to Velo News, Velo Press, Triathlete, Women’s Running, and more, started out in finance. Well, he started out as a pro racer back in the 80’s; but, when he ended up in the back of a support vehicle by way of the rear windshield, he came back to the U.S. from Europe and began his professional off-the-bike career.

But, on a cycling trip in Europe, he was asked a question that would change the way we think about traveling by bike. And, I’ll let him tell you the rest.

Then, we’ll head to the big apple to speak with Brian Miller, the importer for iRideUSA.

The classic Italian brand of handbuilt steel bikes will be exhibiting at NAHBS in Dallas next month. Brian tell us about the Giammati’s – the family that started the brand in 1919 and still operates the factory today.

Show #491 – February 8, 2020

Guests: Don Walker; Aaron Weiss; Doug Torosian

On March 20th, the 16th annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show opens in Dallas, Texas at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. Tonight, I speak with the founder of the show, Don Walker, to unpack all the details including a brand new event being held in conjunction with the show.

Then, Aaron Weiss joins me from Hanoi, Viet Nam, to talk about his long time idea of a special back pack for the Professional Bicycle Commuter – I love saying that! Aaron, who is retired from the US Marine Corps at the rank of Lt. Colonel, began his career in Washington DC where he found that his uniform after his 5 mile commute to the Pentagon wasn’t up to snuff in the packs he found for his bike.

Since then, he’s been working on the idea, and when his wife was assigned to the US Embassy in Hanoi, Aaron retired and began his R&D in earnest. Yesterday, his Kickstarter campaign was fully funded and his Shellback Bike Pack will become a reality.

Finally, we take a journey to NH where long time cross-country rider and owner of American by Bicycle, Doug Torosian, lives and works. ABB is one of the most respected organizations that has fulfilled thousands of riders’ dreams of making that cross country trip.

Doug will fill us in on how ABB began and why their trips are so compelling.

Show #490 – February 1, 2020

Guests: Benita Warns; Jay Kinsinger

Benita Warns (and her husband Mr. Michael – who is a special guy unto himself) own and operate Midway Bicycle Supply – a bike shop and bike supply company TO bike shops, in St Paul, MN.

It all started with a young man who wanted a bike and couldn’t afford one – even a good used one. From there, Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles – a non-profit organization that refurbed and gave away hundreds of bike – 719 of them in 2019 alone – over 8,000 of them since 2004.

What’s even more impressive? it’s the way they not only got into bike supply but what they do after the sale that is so unusual.

Right in the middle of The Little Miami Scenic Trail system in southern Ohio, one of the best trail systems anywhere, lies the little town of Cedarville. And, right in the town of Cedarville is Sojourn Cyclery – one of the only builders of hand crafted wood bikes. Let me introduce you to Jay Kinsinger – professor, woodworker, bike builder.

Jay’s Dad was a shop teacher; Jay fell in love with bikes AND woodworking as a youngster.

Sojourn Cyclery will be at NAHBS 2020 in Dallas next month. You can also see some of his work in action on You Tube at Sojourn Cyclery Building Process Overview, or follow Sojourn on Instagram and Facebook.

Show #488 – January 25, 2020

Guests: Jeff Mauck; Molly Hurford; Jay Clipse

The Outspoken Cyclist Welcomes Bike Law as a valued partner for 2020!


As we approach NAHBS 2020 – coming up in March – I wanted to introduce you to some of the newer exhibitors who will be displaying their wares in Dallas this year. This week, my first guest is Jeff Mauck, founder of Juggernaut Cargo Bikes.

Jeff is an interesting guy – who also does NOT come from a bicycling background, other than the fact that he loves mountain biking. He DOES come from an urban planning and architecture background and is quick to point out the Juggernaut Cargo Bikes are being built to address mobility and sustainability.

Second up is our friend Molly Hurford. Out with a new book titled, “The Athlete’s Guide to Sponsorship,” I can hardly keep up with this busy woman. She’s currently in Spain enjoying some of the best riding in the world, as she says; and, is still working on her series Shred Girls – book #2 comes out this summer.

But, she states right up front in our conversation that this new book just wanted to be written and, with a sub-title of An Athlete Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dreaming Big, Racing Smart, and Creating a Reliable Brand for a Long Successful Career – big mouthful! – I think it was a good idea to follow the urge to put this out there for everyone to read, digest, and put into action.

Finally, I talk with Jay Clipse – the co-founder and race director of the Black Fork Gravel Grinder. Lo and Behold – the event takes place right here in Ohio at Mohican State Park, one of the most stunning natural regions in the state.

Show #487 – January 18, 2020

Guests: Eve Kofsky & Roger Strauss; Sam Noel; Joy Hancock

Hey – welcome to the show this week. The podcast is running a tad long – BUT, I really was enjoying the interviews and didn’t want to chop them up too much. PLUS, I think the show is interesting and well worth the listen (of course I do!)

First topic is the incredible response that we got from our FB question last week – what material(s) are you riding. There were well over 100 people weighing in and, as expected, lots of carbon and aluminum. A fair amount of steel and, to my surprise, a pretty generous smattering of titanium.

This week’s question – how many bikes do you currently have? This ought to be interesting!

We begin the show this week with Eve Kofsky and Roger Strauss – the long time ride directors of the Georgia Tandem RallyThe GTR (because isn’t everything an acronym???) is unique in that Eve and Roger have always been the ones to produce the event as opposed to many other tandem rallies that are hosted by different clubs in their respective regions around the U.S.

And, because of their continual involvement and their attention to detail, they see an enormous number of tandem teams return year after year. Eve and Roger will be up momentarily.

Guest #2 this week is about to turn 20 years old. He’s a student at the University of Vermont and was just picked as part of the US U23 World CX team.

What’s truly endearing about Sam Noel is his appreciation for his team, his sponsors, USA Cycling, and the outpouring that came in to help him get to Switzerland at the end of the month to race for the US.



And, finally, I speak with Joy Hancock, the director of Bike Florida.

For many, many years – in fact for 25 years – I have thought of Bike Florida as a week-long ride around and across the state.

BUT, that’s not the case now. Today, Bike Florida is all about advocacy, tourism, and making Florida a safe, fun, and economically successful place to ride your bike.