Show #617 – December 4, 2022

Guests: Shannon Galpin; Dan Cavallari

This week we dive into part II of Dan Cavallari’s holiday gift ideas with a focus on cool things you might not necessarily need but wouldn’t mind seeing in your stocking or under the tree.

First though, we check in with my friend and colleague, Shannon Galpin.  It’s been a while since we talked and much has transpired since our last conversation. The amazing activist, author, artist, and human rights advocate is still working to evacuate more women, girls, and families from Afghanistan while helping to work with a variety of entities to place those who are stuck in a sort of limbo. There are also some women who have resettled around the world and still need help – with education, bikes, housing, and most importantly a pathway to feeling accepted in their new countries.

There is still much work to do.  SUPPORT AFGHAN CYCLISTS

When I log in to chat with Dan Cavallari, he’s sitting in his garage with a microphone and computer, only it doesn’t look much like the inside of a garage.  As a rabid product tester for a variety of entities, Dan’s garage actually looks more like the inside of a bike shop. 

This week, he gives us 5 picks for holiday ideas.  Share with friends and family! Dan Cavallari, The Slow Guy on the Fast Ride, joined me from his garage again. 

Here are links to all the products we discussed this week: the Bivo Bottle, the Pearl Rove Shirt, the Endura Riever bibs, the PNW tiny Pebble Tool, and the Tick’r Fit heart rate monitor strap.

Next time Dan and I will discuss those things you probably shouldn’t give a cyclist – so, family and friends – listen up.

We’ll also speak with Dr. Madeline Bonsma-Fisher.  She’s a physicist turned bicycle infrastructure researcher in Canada and her story is filled with fascinating ideas.

Show #616 – November 24, 2022

Guests: Dave Wiens; Dan Cavallari

In our last episode, we spoke about the Davis Phinney Foundation and all the great work they are doing for folks with Parkinson’s Disease.  That immediately turned into an inquiry to Polly Dawkins, the executive director of the Foundation, for a fund-raising event for 2023.  Makes me feel so good that we – you – can have that kind of impact.

So, today we’re talking with Dave Wiens, the Executive Director of IMBA, and his thinking about mountain biking and how to support trails and paths right in your own backyard and beyond.  Dave has to be one of the best spokesperson for an organization I’ve ever met!  He lives, breathes, and rides IMBA and I always learn so much from him about the organization and his commitment to bringing more trails to more people.

Today, Dave joins me to unpack all the options for you from getting involved as a volunteer to becoming a trail champion and more.

IMBA Programs:

Trail Accelerator Grants

Dig-In Projects

IMBA Donate Local


Next, we speak with the Slow Guy on the Fast Ride – Dan Cavallari about his pick for things he believes are “best in show” for 2022. He’s got some great gift ideas this year because his garage, which is also his office, studio, and general store for bike stuff, is packed full of goodies and lucky guy that he is, he gets to test them all!

Products Mentioned by Dan

NiteRider Sentry Aero Rear Lamp

Giro Eclipse Spherical Helmet

Yuba Supercargo CL eBike

Show #615 – November 12, 2022

Guests: Polly Dawkins; Andrew McLemore

As we approach the holiday season, I’ve put together several episodes highlighting charitable gift giving opportunities that relate to cycling.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Scott Bachelor

This episode focuses on Parkinson’s Disease and especially the Davis Phinney Foundation.

Davis Phinney is probably one of the most important U.S. cycling icons winning 328 races in his career, which spanned the 1980’s and 1990’s

But, at the age of 40, Davis was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease, and instead of succumbing to the worry and terror that the diagnosis might engender, he launched the Davis Phinney Foundation.

One of the first projects that the Foundation invested in was the work that Dr. ay Albers was doing here at the Cleveland Clinic, showing how cycling could reduce the tremors of Parkinson’s.

Now at 63 Davis’s symptoms are still worsening, but his resolve to live his best life every day is stronger than ever.

Executive Director Polly Dawkins takes us from the inception of the Foundation to present day and what we can do to support those with the disease as well as helping those who are care givers.

In the second half of the show, I speak with Andrew McLemore, the associate news editor of Gear Junkie. As he says, he’s a general news reporter for what he likes to call the REI sports – you know, climbing,, backpacking, kayaking, and of course, cycling!

Andrew talks with me about a virtual reality experience at the upcoming UCI World Track Champions League in London next month – and I know less than nothing about virtual reality.

We also discuss the crazy Walleye Fishing Contest where the alleged winners were found to be cheating, stuffing their catches with weights and other fish fillets. It sounds really weird, but we’re talking $30,000 in prize money!

Then, next time, we’ll be speaking with Dave Wiens, the E.D. of IMBA.  Usually when we speak with Dave it’s about what IMBA does for us – this time, the conversation goes to how we can offer our support for the organization.

We’ll also have Part I of our gift guide with Dan Cavallari – things you absolutely positively would LOVE to have!

Show #614 – October 15, 2022

Guest: Dmitry Nechaev – Triton Bikes

It’s been over 7 months since I last spoke with Dmitry Nechaev.

When we last spoke, he had just left Russia and “fled” to Israel, something he was able to do because he had Israeli citizenship through the process known as Aliyah.

This process allows people of Jewish descent to freely come to Israel and claim their citizenship by virtue of their ancestry.

Fortunately for Dmitry, he had all that he needed long in advance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

At the time we last spoke, Dmitry was explaining to the bicycle industry – and of course to the world at large – that he wanted no part of the this “war” and he, in fact condemned it.  It was his hope that he could still garner some support for his work as the owner of Triton Bikes.

Now, we hear his thoughts on what has transpired since our last conversation, what he is doing, where his employees are now living, what he thinks will happen in Russia, and what the future might – or might not – hold for him and his family.

I think you will hear both his sadness and frustration in trying to sort out his thoughts and feelings at the situation but, there is also his hope for the future.


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Dmitry.  Some of it was difficult to hear and some of it gave me hope for a better future for those who must start their lives over due to war.  It isn’t just Russia and Ukraine of course.

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Show #613 – October 4, 2022

Guest: Andy Boenau

I want to begin with a question.

How many times have you stood at or ridden up to an intersection and waited – and waited – and waited, for the light to change or for the traffic to clear, or just to feel safe enough to actually make it across?

If you answered even once – let alone the multiple times most of us have been unable to trip a light or waited in the rain – you’re going to want to hear what Andy Boneau has to say.

Andy is a planner, except he’s not.  He’s a transportation engineer, except not really.

What Andy is is a storyteller and an observer of people, places, and the many ways that they don’t get along.  But, Andy is also a believer in positive outcomes and his unique – and almost always happy and positive – outlook gets things done.

Example – multimodal balance… what is it?  When Andy breaks it down, there’s a truth that isn’t often expressed… there isn’t any.

Or, how about an easy way to get from point a to point b on one app with several different modes – say bikeshare, shuttle, and then maybe walk the last few blocks? How can we accomplish THAT?

Andy writes about all the observations and ideas he has at Urbanism Speakeasy on Substack.  Our conversation today is just a smattering of these ideas.

What a great conversation… You can follow Andy at – his podcast and written blog entries are fascinating and full of great information and ideas.

Next time on TOC, we’ll get an update from Russian frame builder Dmytri Nechaev.  Last time we spoke, he was on his way to Israel to escape what was becoming the protracted war still raging in Ukraine.

Now 7 months later, we’ll learn what has transpired with him, his crew that was still in Russia, and what the future holds.

Show #612 – September 21, 2022

Guests: Jonathan Maus; Will Tracy

On this episode, I’m going to introduce you to a young cycling journalist whose professional journey began in college.

One thing that he says at the beginning of our conversation struck me as SO true – that unless your parents, or someone close to you, shows you the way, getting into the sport of bicycle racing is not very easy.

Nonetheless, Will Tracy did do some bike racing but found that reporting on and photographing the sport was much more rewarding for him.

I discovered Will when he penned a piece about a fight between two teams that ended up with suspensions from racing.  And, I was surprised, because I don’t think of cycling as a hand-to-hand combat sport.

To begin however, we bring Jonathan Maus, editor and publisher of Bike Portland, back to TOC for a conversation about a topic that I didn’t even know was a “thing.”

Here in the Cleveland area, I am not aware of huge homeless encampments.  I am, of course aware that we have a homeless population, but it’s difficult for me to comprehend large encampments with tents, walls, and piles and piles of bikes and parts.

Which brings me to the topic – homelessness and bike theft.  Apparently, that’s a thing too and Los Angeles has even gone so far as to enact legislation to deal with the issue.

Jonathan wrote about homelessness and bike theft and the new legislation in LA for Bike Portland back in June.  But it turns out that he’s been aware of the issue – in Portland – and has been involved with helping to sort out the theft from what might just be transportation or recreation.

We talk about a few other topics too and in the second half of our conversation… well, you’ll just have to listen because there are some things happening in Portland that I don’t think are happening anywhere else – such as the “Carry Shit Olympics.”  Yep you heard that right!

(photo of Jonathan taken by Eleni Maus)

Show #611 – September 8, 2022

Guests: Melissa & Chris Bruntlett

Welcome!  You are about to listen to episode #611 and, coincidentally, it is also the 12th anniversary of the show.  Thank you for tuning in today.

Looking back over the past 12 years, so much has changed, from the scarcity of podcasts in 2010 to a whopping estimated 2.4 million different shows today – a statistic I took from Apple’s Pod News – to the many changes in our everyday lives from the climate to the pandemic and al the social unrest we are experiencing.

One thing that has been consistent though is that people still ride and love their bicycles and THAT makes the Outspoken Cyclist herself pretty dang happy.

I would like to thank everyone who has listened, subscribed, been a guest, and otherwise contributed to the show over the past 2+ decades.

Every time I thought, hey – I think I’ve covered it all and maybe it’s time to move on – I am inspired by something I read, something I see, or something I hear and, off I go in search of the story.

Which brings us to today’s episode.

As many of you have figured out by now – which wouldn’t take a rocket surgeon if you listen regularly – I like the thread that weaves urban planning, sustainability, and a car-free lifestyle together.  It doesn’t happen to be the way we live right now, but it’s certainly an idea that intrigues us and a goal that we have.

So, when I learned of a family that chucked their car, researched the places where they can live, work, and raise their family without miles and miles of asphalt and traffic, and then turn that into the work that they do, it only took a minute to send them an invite to the show.

Melissa and Chris Bruntlett are from Canada – she started out in the fashion world and he in architecture – they moved from the east coast to Vancouver and realized they didn’t need a car.  By this time, they had two young children.  And then, things started to get very interesting.

Today, the Bruntlett’s live in the Netherlands – and they are calling it their forever home.

For more information about their work, you can log on to modacitylife .com and follow them on all the social media platforms.  You can also purchase their books from Island Press or your favorite book emporium.

Show #610 – September 1, 2022

Guest: Carlton Reid on Mike Burrows

On August 15th, the world lost yet another genius bicycle engineer.

Although he was almost better known for his work with HPV’s – human powered vehicles that were recumbent bikes, Mike Burrows was probably best known as the man who designed and built the Lotus track frame that Chris Boardman would ride to Olympic gold in the 4000 pursuit in Barcelona in 1992.

Sadly, Mike and I never connected for a conversation, so I decided to go to someone who knew him well.

Carlton Reid, who is a journalist in the UK and ho writes for Forbes, The Guardian, and the Daily Mail, has been my guest several times and today, we reminisce about his relationship with Mike Burrows going all the way to the 1980’s.

To see more of Carlton’s work, you can go to and follow him on Twitter @carltonreid.

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Carlton.  I truly am saddened that I wasn’t able to speak with Mike before his passing. RIP.

Just a quick note to let you know that I was on the other side of the microphone this week when Dan Cavallari, the slow guy on the fast ride, interviewed me for HIS podcast.  Take a listen!

Show #609 – August 19, 2022

GUESTS: Mike Kone; Emily Thornton; Sergio Bravo

It’s amazing that just a few months ago I was wondering where I would get fresh material for the podcast and now, I can barely keep up with all the news, events, legislation, and people who are doing amazing things!

Today, it’s a three-fer!

We mentioned Classic Bicycles Auburn on the last episode and, I wanted to get more information for you as it’s coming up soon.

Mike Kone, the producer of the show, joins me to talk about the venue – an art deco hall in the Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn, Indiana – the seminars – with people like frame builders Stephen Bilenky and Doug Fattic – and even a gentleman who does classic car restoration – who will be speaking about the process and how it relates to bicycles.  There are rides, a swap meet, and more.

If you live in a city with at least 500,000 people, you would have been considered for the Arris Composites’ America’s Best Biking Cities list.  I know you’re wondering who landed where… here’s Arris’ spokesperson, Emily Thornton to fill us in.

Emily Thornton is the spokesperson on behalf of Arris Composites.  The company sounds like a really interesting place to work – except I’m not looking for another job!  Anyway, you can check out the list of American’s Best Biking Cities at


September 6th through the 9th there is a new bicycle gathering in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Cycle of Influence is the creation of Sergio Bravo and he’s put together a concept that should result in some innovative and ready-to-implement ideas for bike shops, advocates, and as he says “anyone who wants to see success for the bike industry.”

That would be most of us!

Show #608 – August 11, 2022

Guests: Heather Dowd; Josh Poertner

Want to tour Italy?  Want to tour Italy and learn about the culture, the food, the wine, and some of the areas many tour companies don’t visit?

Heather Dowd, who along with her husband Beppe Salerno, own and operate Tourissimo – an “Italy Only” tour company that is both innovative and culture-rich, was recently featured in Forbes Magazine in an article that delved into women who own companies such as hers.

We’ll explore Tourissimo’s tour options, how Heather thinks about women and cycling, and a lot more when she joins me in a moment.

Then, we’ll speak with Josh Poertner.  Josh is the owner of Silca – yep that iconic company that makes the Silca pumps and now, a whole lot more.

Cycling Tips did an interview with Josh about what is becoming a nightmare to small businesses like his – counterfeit goods, fraud, and theft – and the new rules he had to implement in regard to returns – thousands of dollars of often fraudulent returns!

In a conversation that runs the gamut from what Silca has had to do to cope with fraud, counterfeit product, and outright theft to the future of the independent bike shop and how brands like Silca will fare as the industry continues to consolidate, Josh Poertner has some deep understanding and an ability to make it clear to anyone listening.

At mid-show, I mention two interesting events that are coming up.

First,  Classic Bicycles Auburn is a celebration of vintage lightweight bicycles that will be held at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum August 26th to the 28th.  You can register for all three days or a-la-carte for any of the many options including the exhibits, the swap-meet, and the rides that are being offered each day.  For more information, log on to

And if you can’t get to Indiana for the Classic Bicycles Auburn event, how about going to Pittsburgh for what is one of the oldest and most respected rides in the U.S.?  Pedal Pittsburgh started way back in 1994 and is the largest ride in Pennsylvania. This year, the date is August 28th and you can register for the event at