Show #499 – April 11, 2020

Guests: Mari Holden; Beppe Salerno & Heather Dowd


It’s been several years since I first contacted my first guest – Mari Holden. And, it took our stay-at-home orders to have her light in one place long enough to find time to chat with me.

Mari is a multiple time national champion, a world champion, has been inducted into the Bicycle Hall of Fame,  and is an Olympic champion, winning the silver medal at the games in Sydney in 2000 . She’s gutsy, smart, and takes her roles in whatever she is doing seriously. Today, she is sidelined while USA Cycling is trying to get everyone back to work, where she is the women’s road coach.


Then, we’ll check back in with Beppe Salerno and Heather Dowd, the husband and wife team that owns Tourissimo Travel Tours out of Italy.

First, Beppe fills us in on the situation on the ground in Italy, where is family lives and Beppe . Then, he and Heather talk about the now shortened 2020 tour season and why cycle touring is so important today.

Show #387 – February 10, 2018

Guests: Heather Dowd & Beppe Salerno; Chris Gillemet; Craig Calfee

Good stuff this week!

My first guests are Heather Dowd and Beppe Salerno – a husband and wife team. They own and operate Tourissimo Bike Tours, and this year they are offering 4 Chef Bike Tours. An American chef will ride with the guests as each tour explores the country, the traditions, the food, and the wine.

Then, we learn about VeloF ix – the mobile repair franchise – with founder Chris Gillemet. Chris takes us into the van, how the mobile app works, and why mobile repair is growing when so many bike shops are floundering.

Lastly, we check in with Craig Calfee from Calfee Designs. As always, he has so many projects in the works. Today we talk about Cyclists for Cultural Exchange and a trip to Cuba as well as Craig’s projects outside of the cycling world.