Show #264 – September 19, 2015 – Interbike!

Guests: Patrick Brady, Joni Taylor, Amanda Batty

If it’s middle of September, it must be Interbike! And, so it was… opening last Monday at Bootleg Canyon outside of Las Vegas, the annual U.S. trade show had its share of good and bad press.

This week, we have the privilege of three perspectives on the show: two from journalists and one a vendor.

First up is my friend and often the eyes and ears of events I can’t attend, Red Kite Prayer’s Patrick Brady.  As always, Patrick has a keen sense of what is trending and where the market is strong.  Patrick gives us his review of the new SRAM Red electronic shifting group, where he sees the eBike market heading, and some insight into the size and scope of the show.

Then, we talk with a really good friend of mine and the U.S. importer/owner of TexMarket, Joni Taylor.  As Joni says, “we’re the biggest apparel manufacturer no one has ever heard about”.  And, it’s true. TexMarket offers concept to finished product on a large or small scale from fine Italian fabrics for shops, groups, and most of the teams you see on the road.  Because of her long association with the bicycle industry, Joni has yet another unique perspective on this year’s show as well as the incident we are calling “SOCKGATE”.

So, after our news, we will talk about “sockgate” with journalist Amanda Batty.  You may remember our conversation with Amanda a few months ago when she was summarily pushed out of Pink Bike for her stand against what she termed the misogynist attitudes among those she worked for at Pink Bike and her commentary about it. Which circles right back around to Patrick Brady who stood right up for her in his column “Too Many White Guys” in Red Kite Prayer.

Forgoing Interbike this year – for a variety of reasons – Amanda gives us her take on the “scandal” and once again painstakingly explains why the industry should be looking forward – not back!

So… want to know more about Interbike 2015? Here we go….

Interbike 2012 – Dirt Demo


Hot doesn’t even begin to describe the weather in Nevada!  You could have friend eggs on the ground at Dirt Demo in Bootleg Canyon today. But, Dirt Demo was a smashing success!  It was jammed pack with vendors and attendees alike.  I saw some beautiful kits on riders; I saw some great looking bikes.
There were two DJ’s – each working about 2 hour shifts – that just kept the shaded tent rocking.  Sierra Nevada was giving out beer.  There was free food, free ice cream and popsicles, and every electrolyte drink product on the market.  Shimano gave out free ice-cold towels – a very welcome idea that kept me on my feet when I felt woozy about two hours in.
I think one of the big highlights of the day for me was the introduction of a group of Ride2Recovery riders who had biked in from Las Vegas to Bootleg Canyon and then were heading back out to  Las Vegas.  There were armed service personnel, firefighters, and police – many of whom were amputees.  I will be talking with John Wordin, President and Founder of Ride2Recovery and Chris Spyer from Raleigh.  Raleigh has a department that researches and develops adaptive bikes for these amazing athletes.  Very inspiring!
As the week unfolds, I will be “tweeting” (I thought I’d NEVER say that) at #outspokncyclist on Twitter and on the Outspoken Cyclist Face Book page.
Stay tuned!