Show #500 – April 18, 2020

It’s our 500th show! NO KIDDING!!!!
And, it’s a special edition of the show!

We turn the microphone around while Brian interviews Diane.

We discuss a variety of topics from how The Outspoken Cyclist started to what we want to see going forward.

Thanks for listening to the show.

Thanks for being a member of our “team.”

I hope you will continue to enjoy our weekly episodes.

Show #485 – January 4, 2020

Guests: Dean Yobbi; Kristi Mohn; Brian Jenks (yes… THAT Brian!)

This week, we have three guests for you including an extended conversation with me and my husband Brian about… well all kinds of cycling related stuff.

First up is Dean Yobbi – managing editor of BR&IN . Back on December 19th, Dean published an article titled Park Service disbands e-bike advisory group over secret lobbying concerns” – Secret Lobbying and bike industry didn’t compute for me and so, I wanted to know more.

Then, we head on our to Emporia, Kansas – home of the incredibly popular Dirty Kanza gravel races. Kristi Mohn, who was born and raised in Emporia and returned to work and raise her kids there, is the director of the DK Women’s Bike Camp. The 4-day experience is for any woman who wants to learn, improve, and participate in the wildly popular type of riding now termed GRAVEL.

And, finally, , my husband Brian and I chat about many-things-bike .. from Jan Heine’s component predictions for the coming year to why laterals are no longer being used on tandems. It’s a “discussion as usually occurs in our house” type of chat.

Show #476 – October 26, 2019


(Photo courtesy of Brian Jenks, Artispin)

Part II of our coverage of French Fender Day!

Four great new conversations to add to last week’s list!

This week, in order of appearance, we have:

Marc Elliott
Mark Finch
Johnny Coast
Sam Dickenson

Then, it’s a conversation with *Brian about his thoughts on French Fender Day before we head on over to Philadelphia to speak with Philly Bike Expo owner and director Bina Bilenky about this year’s show – its 10th Anniversary

*You can also read all about Brian’s review of French Fender Day on his blog.

Show #374 – November 11, 2017

Guests: Brian Jenks; Eric Stobin

November 11th – Veteran’s Day – and auspiciously, this week, Brian and I have an extended conversation about our trip to Israel with the FIDF.

Joining 30 other Americans as well as wounded warriors, Israeli National Cycling Champion Roy Goldstein, and active duty soldiers, we rode our tandem from Eilat in the south of the country through the Negev Desert to the north ending in Jerusalem for several days.

Along the way, we toured air force and army bases, became immersed in the history of the country and the land, ate sumptuous Mediterranean foods, and fell in love with the people and the culture.

After our break, I also speak with Eric Stobin, National Sales Manager of Wahoo Fitness. From their original indoor trainer, the KickR, to their newest products – including heart rate monitors, computers, and the newest addition the Climb, Eric offers us a glimpse into the first of our holiday gift ideas.

Go get an adult beverage, settle back, and enjoy!

Show #368 – September 30, 2017

Guests: Ian Dille, Brian Jenks, Paul Maunder

Last show of September, and it’s a good one.

Ian Dille, author of The Price of Gold and The Cyclist’s Bucket List (in addition to about a gazillion articles for Bicycling, Outside, Men’s Journal, and more) and, who has been a guest in the past, has taken the lead in a new on-line digital content site for cycling –

Based in Austin, Texas, Ian will now be responsible for what is hoped to be “the” place to go for great bike racing – in all disciplines.

The subscription site is up and running; and, new content is going up daily.

Then, I snagged Brian for a conversation about a myriad of topics from our tandem to tubeless tires. It’s light, fun, and full of the kinds of information we discuss on a daily basis.

Finally, author Paul Maunder joins me from London, England to discuss his new book, Rainbow in the Mud; Inside the Intoxicating World of Cyclocross. It’s a delightful book, covering the 2015/2016 cross season leading up to the worlds.

It’s a three-fer today…

Show #347 – May 13, 2017

Guests: Mike Varley; Peter Flax; Brian Jenks

This week we have three interesting and diverse conversations.

First, let me introduce you to Mike Varley. He’s the proprietor of Black Mountain Cycles in Point Reyes Station, California and has a most interesting story to tell. He hails from a solid background in working with such groundbreaking companies as Haro where he designed all sorts of great bike models.

His shop is a one-man operation and his offerings are his own. The Black Mountain Cycles “brand” is a direct reflection of Mike’s ideas and ideals.
Oh, did I mention Mike has two radio shows too?

Then, I catch up with journalist Peter Flax. Peter was editor-in-chief of Bicycling and is now the features editor for the Hollywood Reporter.

Peter has been following the story of the tragic and untimely death of Thomas Palermo by the reckless and careless driving of the now de-frocked Episcopal Bishop of Baltimore, Heather Cook.

Ms. Cook was driving at three times the alcohol legal limit AND texting when she drove into the bike lane in broad daylight and ran Tom over, killing him. She fled the scene, only to come back – not once, but twice – before being arrested and jailed.

The bishop had been in the same position in the past; only, she hadn’t killed anyone previously.

Last week, after serving 18 months of her 7 year sentence, Ms. Cook petitioned the parole board for early release. Prudent minds that saw a lack of remorse and a woman who seems to be very much in denial of her illness, said no.

Peter, who has been following the story since it happened in 2014, released an article on May 5th titled “Eligible for parole after 18 months in prison: The builder, the bishop, and a most violent crime” .

In it, Peter goes back to the beginning of the incident and takes us through the parole hearing. We talk about whether this high-profile case will make a difference and what happens to these cases in the court of law.

Lastly, my Brian gives us some insight into a comment Mike Varley makes at the beginning of the show on a solution Brian needed to come up with for a client that has had long-lived reception all over the world – it’s the Shimergo Solution and it’s a fascinating story; if I do say so myself!

Be prepared to have fun!

Show #332 – January 28, 2017

Guests: Denise Mueller; Brian Jenks; Gerolf Meyer

Welcome to this week’s show!

The January 7th and 8th weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal had a front page story about our first guest, Denise Mueller.

Now holding the title of the “fastest Woman on Two Wheels”, Denise, at the age of 43 rode a specially built bike behind a Range Rover and pedaled at 147.72 miles per hour to set her record back in September.

Denise is no stranger to cycling having won many, many titles as a teenager; then, life got in the way as it often does. Now, she has her sights set on breaking the OVERALL speed record next year.

It’s a great conversation – especially if you like speed!

Then, I’ve asked Brian to join me in the studio to chat with me in what I hope will become an ongoing feature of the show.

I don’t know anyone who is more thoughtful about the subject of bicycles from a wide range of perspectives and I’ve asked him to share some of that knowledge and expertise with us.

This week, he’s talking about cold weather riding and what to do with your bike. We are also opening up our FaceBook page and Twitter account to you to suggest topics you’d like covered in the future.

Then, we’re jumping the pond to Europe to catch up with someone I met at NAHBS in Denver a few years ago.

Gerolf Meyer is a cycling enthusiast – he’s a geographer – he’s also the host and producer of, wait for it…. a bicycle podcast in Germany! His monthly program Antritt, does a lot of what we do here and our conversation is fun. He’ll tell you the story of how we met and about the event he helps put together. (There are three shows in English in his podcast list – 2 with Charlie Kelly and one with Joe Breeze).

So, buckle up sunshine – let’s head on out to Carlsbad, California and talk with the “fastest woman on two wheels!”

Show #300 – WOOO HOOOO – June 4, 2016

Huge thank you to all the listeners and supporters of the show!  I hope you enjoy this 300th episode!

I’ve got three guests to help me celebrate this special occasion including one of the most special people in my life – my life partner Brian Jenks.

You’ve heard me mention him more times than I could possibly count; and, I’ve finally been able to corral him to join me this evening.

Besides being a terrific person, Brian is also one of the most talented and creative people I know. From his perfectly executed frame designs to his impeccable final bicycle builds, Brian leaves no detail un-turned. This evening, we cover a variety of topics – barely scratching the surface of what he knows and does in his work.

Then, we welcome Sam Fox back to the show. With the usual disclaimer that Sam is no relation to Michael J. Fox, he DOES represent the Michael J. Fox Foundation and will fill us in on the “Tour de Fox”, a new 3-event fund and awareness raising series of bicycle tours. Tour du Fox begins right here in NE Ohio with the Great Lakes Tour in July followed by an event in the Pacific Northwest  and another in Sonoma Wine Country.

Finally, we ta lk with Dale Brown from the well-respected and very popular web site Classic Rendezvous. Dale tells us a bit about the history of the site and fills us in on the Classic Rendezvous weekend that will take place June 10-12 in Greensboro, NC.