Show #332 – January 28, 2017

Guests: Denise Mueller; Brian Jenks; Gerolf Meyer

Welcome to this week’s show!

The January 7th and 8th weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal had a front page story about our first guest, Denise Mueller.

Now holding the title of the “fastest Woman on Two Wheels”, Denise, at the age of 43 rode a specially built bike behind a Range Rover and pedaled at 147.72 miles per hour to set her record back in September.

Denise is no stranger to cycling having won many, many titles as a teenager; then, life got in the way as it often does. Now, she has her sights set on breaking the OVERALL speed record next year.

It’s a great conversation – especially if you like speed!

Then, I’ve asked Brian to join me in the studio to chat with me in what I hope will become an ongoing feature of the show.

I don’t know anyone who is more thoughtful about the subject of bicycles from a wide range of perspectives and I’ve asked him to share some of that knowledge and expertise with us.

This week, he’s talking about cold weather riding and what to do with your bike. We are also opening up our FaceBook page and Twitter account to you to suggest topics you’d like covered in the future.

Then, we’re jumping the pond to Europe to catch up with someone I met at NAHBS in Denver a few years ago.

Gerolf Meyer is a cycling enthusiast – he’s a geographer – he’s also the host and producer of, wait for it…. a bicycle podcast in Germany! His monthly program Antritt, does a lot of what we do here and our conversation is fun. He’ll tell you the story of how we met and about the event he helps put together. (There are three shows in English in his podcast list – 2 with Charlie Kelly and one with Joe Breeze).

So, buckle up sunshine – let’s head on out to Carlsbad, California and talk with the “fastest woman on two wheels!”