Show #228 – January 10, 2015

Guests: Cherokee Schill, Frank Strack

We’re broadcasting from the deep-freeze that is NE Ohio this week! The morning began sunny with a temperature of 0 degrees. But, it’s January and it’s what we can expect.

There was good news this week as the Baltimore police revealed that their investigation into the death of Tom Palermo by the Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook has resulted in charges of manslaughter, DUI, leaving the scene, and more… I’m hoping this high-profile case will be a tipping point in bringing not only justice for cyclists but recognition by authorities country-wide that something needs to change the way cyclists (and pedestrians) are treated and it needs to change now!

Meanwhile, this week’s show wraps up another case – the one in which Cherokee Schill – whose life was turned upside-down by a series of citations and an arrest for riding her bike on a road that does NOT prohibit cyclists from riding – is finally settled! While the end results weren’t perfect, Cherokee will tell us how it all unfolded in court and how she is ready to move on with her life.

Then, we talk about Velominati – say WHAT? Yep – Frank Strack is the Head Keeper of the Velominati and tells us about the rules, the lexicon, and the purpose of his worldwide “organization”. With over 400,000 monthly hits to his blog and dozens of opportunities for the cyclist who wants to preserve the “culture” of cycling at its very core, you too can become a Velominatus!

Stay safe – stay warm – enjoy the show.

Show #214 – October 4, 2014

Guests: Rodney Hendrickson; John Schubert; Steve Hampsten

Hey – it’s October! And, if it’s October, it’s also time for Rodney Hendrickson’s “Thriller Ride. The spooky 4-route event takes place next weekend and, as always Rodney has lots of ghoulish things planned for the event.

Then, we take up the continuing story we’ve been covering for most of the summer and now on into the fall.

When Cherokee Schill first moved to Jessamine County in Kentucky, she did so to take a job driving a fork lift. She wanted and needed to support her two teenage children AND she was also 90 pounds overweight.

With little or no money, she couldn’t afford to fix her old car, which had 300,000 miles registering on the odometer. She also couldn’t afford the insurance. She began riding a bike the 18 miles to and from work; and that’s when the real saga begins.

She was given tickets, she has been charged with reckless driving, (in this case riding), and she’s been thrown in jail. In a trial where 4 expert witnesses all agreed that the safest place to ride her bike on US27 – the ONLY route to and from her job – was IN the lane and NOT on the shoulder, the judge disagreed and found her guilty.

Tonight, we talk with one of those expert witnesses. John Schubert has been doing this work for 30 years and he will give us his explanation(s) of what went down at the trial and what he believes SHOULD have gone down.

After our break, we’ll head on out to Seattle to speak with frame designer and builder Steve Hampsten. Most folks think – Hampsten? – must be Andy! But, older brother Steve is no less talented or less fun. The two started out riding together; but, Andy turned pro and Steve went on to become a top level chef. Steve’s explanation of how being a chef is so like being a framebuilder is just the beginning of this delightful conversation.

Show #192 – May 3, 2014

Guests: National Bike Challenge’s Rob Gusky; Cherokee Schill; NICA’s Austin McInerny

Diversity! Well, at least on tonight’s episode of The Outspoken Cyclist.

It’s time again for the National Bike Challenge and Kimberley Clark’s Rob Gusky will once again fill us in on this year’s event. All the 2013 numbers went to ZERO at midnight on May 1st and we’re off and riding to see which individuals, teams, towns, companies, and states will put in the most miles until the final “bell” at midnight on September 30th.

Then, we will head on down to Lexington, Kentucky to speak with Cherokee Schill. Ms. Schill has been in the news, on television, and unfortunately in court recently – charged with “reckless driving” – only she wasn’t “driving” – she was riding her bike. In what might be a precedent setting case, Ms Schill is fighting for her right to ride her bike the 18 miles to and from work to support her two teenage children and to stay healthy. Her pre-trial is in August, but this week the Judge in the case has allowed her to continue to ride to work until she appears in court – much to the chagrin of the County Attorney who wanted her off the roads.

Finally, we’ll check in with Austin McInerny from NICA – The National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Austin is the executive director having started out as a volunteer coach! He loves the organization as well as helping kids get on a bike. The Association is growing by leaps and bounds and Austin will tell us about some of the new programs as well as a special 5-week challenge grant in which Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering a BIG purse if NICA can match the amount.

Diversity – it’s what’s for listening this week!