Show #394 – March 31, 2018

Guests: Colin O’Brien; Dr. Eric Heiden (encore presentation)

This week, it’s off to Dublin, Ireland to speak with author Colin O’Brien about his brand new book, The Beautiful Race – The Story of the Giro D’Italia. With the monumental change that the event is about to make – leaving the Continent for its first 3 stages after over 100 years – the book is both timely and relevant.

The book covers the history that lays the backdrop for the race when such greats as Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi – two of the finest cyclists ever to ride – spent much of their careers either helping people or caged up in a POW camp.

Colin’s attention to detail is written in a riveting and interesting way.

The book will be in stores April 3rd here in the States and is available in Europe already.

My second supposed guest came down with the flu, so at the last minute I reached back into the archives for a conversation with one of my heroes – in fact, there aren’t too many who would disagree about his place in U.S. Sport’s history.

Dr. Eric Heiden even today is sa gracious and honest as he was when he won gold at Lake Placid and became a US National Pro Cycling Champion.

Happy holidays to all!


Show #345 – April 29, 2017

Guests: Rob Gusky; Michael Haddad; Leslee Schenck Trzcinski

What a show – what a show!

This week we usher in May with Rob Gusky and the 2017 National Bicycle Challenge. With a lofty goal of 60,000 riders, Rob talks about some of the prizes – like a year’s supply of toilet paper! – the categories – such as corporate teams, schools, and clubs – and how Strava is integrated into the Challenge this year.

Then, Michael Haddad, a member of the Brooklyn Velodrome Vintage Wheelmen, tells us about the exhibit he has curated that will be opening on May 11th at the Italian American Museum in Little Italy, NY.

The exhibit, “Italy’s Golden Age of Bicycles“, includes 12 brands, a collection of great wool jerseys, a lecture by Aili McConnon about her book, Road to Valor – Gino Bartali: Tour de France Legend and World War Two Hero , and runs through July 2nd.

Then, we speak with retired pro cyclist, yoga instructor, and coach Leslee Schenck Trzcinski. Leslee, who now lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and daughter, tells us about her career, the crash that pretty much ended it, and the work she is doing with aging athletes, especially women.

PS – Remember, May is National Bike Month! Go for a Ride!

Show #213 – September 27, 2014

Guests: Donna Holdiness; Aili McConnon

Sometimes life throws you so many curve balls, that eventually you just surrender and try to find a new road. Donna Holdiness did that and that road is unfolding in magical ways to help her keep the unbelievable positive perspective she now has on life.

Ten years ago, her son was involved in a distracted driving crash resulting in the loss of life; two years ago, her husband was killed as he was on a training ride by a juvenile driving an SUV.

So, Donna dug deep and started the (Dr.) Gary Holdiness Bicycling Fund and the results are nothing less than stunning. Donna will tell us about the work she is doing to educate and improve safety along the Natchez Trace where both accidents happened. And, her work may just make all the National Parks in the U.S. a safer place to ride your bike.

After our break and the news, we will speak with author Aili McConnon whose book, The Road to Valor, offers a stunning look at Italy, bicycle racing, the resistance, and a famous cyclist just prior to and through World War II. Gino Bartali, who is the only rider to win the Tour de France twice – ten years apart – has a much less known story woven with secrecy and piety. McConnon’s telling of it is riveting.