Show #213 – September 27, 2014

Guests: Donna Holdiness; Aili McConnon

Sometimes life throws you so many curve balls, that eventually you just surrender and try to find a new road. Donna Holdiness did that and that road is unfolding in magical ways to help her keep the unbelievable positive perspective she now has on life.

Ten years ago, her son was involved in a distracted driving crash resulting in the loss of life; two years ago, her husband was killed as he was on a training ride by a juvenile driving an SUV.

So, Donna dug deep and started the (Dr.) Gary Holdiness Bicycling Fund and the results are nothing less than stunning. Donna will tell us about the work she is doing to educate and improve safety along the Natchez Trace where both accidents happened. And, her work may just make all the National Parks in the U.S. a safer place to ride your bike.

After our break and the news, we will speak with author Aili McConnon whose book, The Road to Valor, offers a stunning look at Italy, bicycle racing, the resistance, and a famous cyclist just prior to and through World War II. Gino Bartali, who is the only rider to win the Tour de France twice – ten years apart – has a much less known story woven with secrecy and piety. McConnon’s telling of it is riveting.