Show #452 – May 11, 2019

Guests: Steve Maxwell & Joe Harris; Denise Korenek

With the beginning of the Amgen – which is arguably the United States’ most popular spring stage race, as backdrop, my first guests are Joe Harris and Steve Maxwell of the Outer Line blog.

According to their blog, “the outer line is the path often taken by cyclists who are unable to break into the lead-out train, but whose strength, resolve and tactical cunning can lead them to victory.

We provide an independent perspective on the challenges facing the sport – and offer an objective forum for analyzing its key structural, economic, governance and ethical aspects. It’s time to listen to new ideas and change direction. It’s time to take The Outer Line…”
With those words as background, I wanted to explore a new project they are working on.

Neither Joe nor Steve comes from a cycling background and both hold full time jobs outside of the bike industry. BUT, both of them have an abiding interest in the sport, especially when it comes to the economics of racing and what it might take to bring cycling into the national spotlight.

It seems Rapha had some of the same questions and tasked Joe and Steve to look into the issues that might be preventing cycling from growing and thriving and come up with a plan.

What Joe and Steve have discovered and learned is being published in the Rapha Roadmap Report – a 10 part series that looks at what is lacking in cycling and what other pro sports have done that might work for our sport.

When we spoke with Denise back in January of 2017, Denise and her driver Shea Holbrook had just broken the broke the women’s paced land speed record at 143 mph.

With the urging of her coach, retired pro cyclist John Howard, Denise realized that resting on those laurels wasn’t enough, and last September, she and Shea set out to break the world record. The record stood for over 60 years!

But, they didn’t just break it – they smashed it! We learn what it took to do that and whether there are other goals out there for her.

Show #332 – January 28, 2017

Guests: Denise Mueller; Brian Jenks; Gerolf Meyer

Welcome to this week’s show!

The January 7th and 8th weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal had a front page story about our first guest, Denise Mueller.

Now holding the title of the “fastest Woman on Two Wheels”, Denise, at the age of 43 rode a specially built bike behind a Range Rover and pedaled at 147.72 miles per hour to set her record back in September.

Denise is no stranger to cycling having won many, many titles as a teenager; then, life got in the way as it often does. Now, she has her sights set on breaking the OVERALL speed record next year.

It’s a great conversation – especially if you like speed!

Then, I’ve asked Brian to join me in the studio to chat with me in what I hope will become an ongoing feature of the show.

I don’t know anyone who is more thoughtful about the subject of bicycles from a wide range of perspectives and I’ve asked him to share some of that knowledge and expertise with us.

This week, he’s talking about cold weather riding and what to do with your bike. We are also opening up our FaceBook page and Twitter account to you to suggest topics you’d like covered in the future.

Then, we’re jumping the pond to Europe to catch up with someone I met at NAHBS in Denver a few years ago.

Gerolf Meyer is a cycling enthusiast – he’s a geographer – he’s also the host and producer of, wait for it…. a bicycle podcast in Germany! His monthly program Antritt, does a lot of what we do here and our conversation is fun. He’ll tell you the story of how we met and about the event he helps put together. (There are three shows in English in his podcast list – 2 with Charlie Kelly and one with Joe Breeze).

So, buckle up sunshine – let’s head on out to Carlsbad, California and talk with the “fastest woman on two wheels!”

Show #72 – January 7, 2012

If this post seems a bit too happy for the first week of January, it’s because I’m all jacked up on endorphins from an outside ride on a brilliantly sunny day in northeast Ohio. Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let’s talk about what’s on the show this week…

Our first guest is a bike commuting evangelist and editor of a great blog on the subject of bicycle commuting. Ted Johnson lives and works in Flagstaff, Arizona, and edits He’s got a great perspective on living car-free, and he has a wonderful story about how running errands on your bike is starting to attract less and less attention (and that’s a good thing).

Last year about this time, we spoke with Rodney Hendrickson, the ride director of The Redbud Ride in London, Kentucky. The 2011 edition of that tour was partially under water, but surprisingly, most people didn’t seem to mind. Rodney’s back on this week’s show to tell us what riders can expect on the 2012 Redbud Ride (and we hope that includes lots of sun).

Finally, we had planned to have John Howard of John Howard Performance Sports on the show to hip us to his latest tips for off-season training. Unfortunately, John had a medical emergency come up at the last minute. We wish John a full and speedy recovery. Instead, Diane stands in for John with a list of his recommendations for maximizing your time during the “indoor season”.