Show #445 – March 23, 2019

Guests: Jennifer Carey & Paul Self; Phil Deeker: Gary Mikitin

We begin this evening’s show with the “The Boob Ride“… stifle those giggles for a second – or maybe not. This event is a very different animal from the usual raise-money-for-a-cause-ride.

Keeping it local, Jennifer Carey and Paul Self run the two locations of the Boob Ride to raise money for the “last mile of breast cancer treatment”.

Partnering with local social workers, all the registration fees from the Boob Ride are given to cancer patients who might need everything from a ride to treatment, a cart of groceries, or a mortgage payment, taking those daily burdens off of the patient’s shoulders so that she can go through the healing process.

We talk with Phil Deeker, the founder of the Cent Cols Challenges. Once again, not your ordinary events, Phil began the Challenges when he turned 50 as a way to celebrate – which will sound very unlike a celebration when he tells you about it.

And, finally, Gary Mikitin – who is the voice you hear when TOC opens and closes each week – reviews a new book that will be on the stands on April 2nd.

Nige Tassel’s Three Weeks, Eight Seconds: Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon and the Epic Tour of 1989 is an in-depth look at not only this historic race; but also explores some of the travails that LeMond went through to get back into the peloton after being shot in the back by his brother-in-law and suffering a severe appendicitis attack.

Show #398 – April 28, 2018

Guests: Marianne Martin; Brandale Randolph

Marianne Martin – photographer, athlete, AND the first woman to win the Tour Cycliste Feminin (Tour de France – women’s!) back in 1984. Marianne and I chat about her top-of-the-podium finish, sharing her trophy with her 5 other teammates and standing next to the TdF men’s winner that year, Laurent Fignon.

We talk about her training, her thoughts on women in cycling, and her current work as a professional photographer.

Then, author and newly-minted entrepreneur, Brandale Randolph talks about his new cycling business 1854 Cycling Company.

In his 2014 TedX Talk at Texas Tech University, Brandale, who was then the founder of the Project Poverty in Lubbock, Texas, talks about his understanding of how poverty REALLY works and what we are doing wrong.

Taking that knowledge and moving to Framingham, MA., Brandale will be employing women in an effort to elevate them from poverty to a living wage while making a full line of eBikes. It’s a great story.