Show #192 – May 3, 2014

Guests: National Bike Challenge’s Rob Gusky; Cherokee Schill; NICA’s Austin McInerny

Diversity! Well, at least on tonight’s episode of The Outspoken Cyclist.

It’s time again for the National Bike Challenge and Kimberley Clark’s Rob Gusky will once again fill us in on this year’s event. All the 2013 numbers went to ZERO at midnight on May 1st and we’re off and riding to see which individuals, teams, towns, companies, and states will put in the most miles until the final “bell” at midnight on September 30th.

Then, we will head on down to Lexington, Kentucky to speak with Cherokee Schill. Ms. Schill has been in the news, on television, and unfortunately in court recently – charged with “reckless driving” – only she wasn’t “driving” – she was riding her bike. In what might be a precedent setting case, Ms Schill is fighting for her right to ride her bike the 18 miles to and from work to support her two teenage children and to stay healthy. Her pre-trial is in August, but this week the Judge in the case has allowed her to continue to ride to work until she appears in court – much to the chagrin of the County Attorney who wanted her off the roads.

Finally, we’ll check in with Austin McInerny from NICA – The National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Austin is the executive director having started out as a volunteer coach! He loves the organization as well as helping kids get on a bike. The Association is growing by leaps and bounds and Austin will tell us about some of the new programs as well as a special 5-week challenge grant in which Dick’s Sporting Goods is offering a BIG purse if NICA can match the amount.

Diversity – it’s what’s for listening this week!

Show #78 – February 18, 2012

Radiothon is officially here for The Outspoken Cyclist, although a number of our listeners have already pledged at Thank you to everyone who has pledged, and if you haven’t, there is still time. The Radiothon donation page will be available until February 25th. We need your dollars to keep local, commercial-free radio on the air and on the Internet. Now, on to our show, which is a shining example of why you’d voluntarily pay for something you’re already getting for free.

Our first guest is Kriss Worthington, council member from Berkeley, California. Kriss sponsored legislation giving bicyclists who’ve been harassed by motorists a means to hold their harassers accountable in court. The ordinance passed unanimously, and just this week it officially became law in Berkeley. Kriss explains the motivation for the new law, and how he sees it helping his constituents.

Next up is Sarai Snyder, Editor-in-Chief of Sarai has “been there, done that, and got the commemorative t-shirt” in the biking biz, including owning a bike shop. As the name suggests, Girl-Bike-Love is about empowering, inspiring and encouraging more women to ride bikes. A tall order, for sure, but Sarai and her team are knowledgeable and passionate about their mission. And guys, you should check out this site, too, for tips on how to get your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother on a bike!

The last half-hour of today’s Outspoken Cyclist is devoted one man’s stunning transformation. About 4 years ago, Bill Cole of Lexington, Kentucky decided he didn’t want to weigh over four hundred pounds anymore. So he started eating better, took up walking and then biking, and now he’s about half the man he used to be (at least in the physical size department). Now Bill is active with the Bluegrass Cycling Club, has ridden a century, and helps put on the Horsey Hundred, held each Memorial Day weekend in central Kentucky.