Show #341 – April 1, 2017

Guests: Dave Kirk; Tom Kuglin; Richard Fries

April 1st – No Foolin’

This week I speak with framebuilder Dave Kirk who won two first place ribbons at NAHBS in Salt Lake City last month.

His Reynolds 953 stainless steel bike won in the fillet brazed category and he also won for best road bike.

Dave and I delve into his journey to the one-made shop he runs in Bozeman, MT as well as the reasons his traditional bikes might have attracted the judges’ attention.

We talk a bit about his Dad, who passed away many years ago when Dave was just a little boy; and, how his JK Specials honor his father and his father’s work.

Staying right in Montana, I talk with Natural Resources reporter Tom Kuglin about Senate Bill #363 which just cleared the Montana Senate and was sent over to the House with a $25.00 per bike fee for anyone coming in to Montana from out of state with a bike in tow. Tom’s March 30th article caught my attention and I wanted him to explain why Senator Sales might have pitched this amendment and what is likely to happen next.

Then, we head back to the east coast to catch up with the busier-than-ever director of MassBike, Richard Fries. The organization is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year and, while there is no way we can cover everything that is happening in Massachusetts on the bike front in one conversation, we touch on quite a few topics. One that sounded like a lot of fun was opening day at Fenway Park, where you can ride your bike, avoid the $30 parking fee, and enjoy the game while the Bike Valet takes care of the parking for you.

We also just graze the topic of the Spring Classics and Richard’s race announcing schedule for 2017.

Finally, I will read you the short excerpt from Adventure Cycling Association about the sudden and untimely death of Mike Deme. I just spoke with him on the show at the end of February. It was a a terrible blow to the Adventure Cycling community as well as the cycling community at large. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.


Show #336 – February 25, 2016

Guests: Mike Deme; Mike Sayers

This week we visit with two Mikes – one in Montana; the other in California.

Out in Missoula, Mike Deme, who has been with us on the program in the past, talks with us about the goings on of Adventure Cycling Association. Mike is the head of all publications and gives us good news about the Association’s continued growth on many levels – subscriptions, membership, projects, and more.

When many cycling related organizations are floundering, Mike tells us why the news is so positive with Adventure Cycling and what the future holds.

Then, it’s off to Sacramento where Mike Sayers has come home after a stellar career in the professional side of our sport.  He rode for Team BMC, became the first American Director Sportif of a major team (BMC), ran the men’s road team for USA Cycling, took two teams to the Olympics, and now has come full circle to report on the sport.  As the “Mike” half of the “Inside Line with Mike and Dave“, he and Dave Towle offer up a podcast exploring the racing end of the sport with riders, coaches, and more.

2-Mike’s Up!



Show #205 – August 2, 2014

Guests: Attorney & Writer Seth Davidson; Adventure Cyclist Magazine’s editor Mike Deme; 2014 RAAM solo finisher Dennis Johnson

So, last week we reported on one Laura Weintraub, the now ex-cop from Santa Paula, California, who decided to make a little video that happened to go viral.  As she filmed herself while her husband was driving, she not only made fun of cyclists – so sticks and stones, etc. – but she also decided it might be a good idea to talk about running a cyclist over.  Well… that went over like a lead balloon and within the nanosecond that the interwebz can broadcast something, she was suspended and then resigned.

The silver lining in this story is lovely and attorney, cycling advocate, and writer Seth Davidson, called Police Chief Steve McLean to see if law enforcement might meet up and have a face-to-face.  To Seth’s surprise, the Police Chief not only WELCOMED the conversation but took full responsibility for his errant officer.  It’s a story with a very happy ending – except for Ms. Weintraub of course!

We’ll check in with Adventure Cyclist Magazine’s editor, Mike Deme about a new collaboration between AC and  For the past couple of years, AC has been working on the U.S.B.R.S. map. To date, the national network of bicycle routes, which will link urban, suburban, and rural areas using a variety of appropriate cycling facilities, has established 6,790 miles in 15 states and more than 40 states are working to create more US Bicycle Routes for the mapping project.

But, when a U.S. cyclist wants to go to Europe to ride, the map system is a bit different and Mike, along with AC’s Ginny Sullivan, came up with a way to join forces to offer more routes on both continents.

Lastly, we’ll speak with Dennis Johnson.  Dennis is a stay-at-home Dad for his young adopted daughter.  Dennis is also is a long-distance, endurance cyclist.  At RAAM 2014, riding a recumbent bike, Dennis placed 7th overall out of 48 soloists, the largest starting field ever. It was the first time a 60+ rider has ever finished in the top ten. Also, it was the first time a 60+ rider was the first American to finish.  But, wait, there’s more… Dennis set other records too.

Show #162 – September 28, 2013



Summer may be gone for 2013 in the northern hemisphere, but we’re postponing its funeral by holding an extended wake for summer on our bikes. Calling hours are held outside on every sunny day between now and Halloween!

The other way you can tell that summer is officially over is the annual occurrence of Interbike. On this week’s Outspoken Cyclist, Diane brings us her Interbike wrap-up with four interviews captured on the show floor:


Show #109 – Interbike Part 2

Jock Boyer, Kimberly Coats, Ed Rae, Mike Deme, Winona Bateman
Fred Clements

Greg and I went in to the studio this morning to bring you the second half of the interviews from my trip to Interbike. I hope you enjpy them.

A special bonus for podcast listeners this week: part 2 of Diane’s report from Interbike 2012: