Show #299 – May 28, 2016

Guests: Author and Writing Professor Meg Guroff; Kathleen Bond for the PanOhio Hope Ride

Rode 60+ miles in the Horsey Hundred in Georgetown, KY today!  My knee is fabulous thanks to the Regenexx stem cell procedure I had last July.

Over 2500 riders!  Great food, perfect road markings, rest stops every 12 miles or so.  and super friendly (and knowledgeable volunteers made the day perfect (as did my Captain of course!.) Bluegrass Cycling Club rocks!    Thanks to all of you who said you like the show and especially my listener in Indiana who told a bunch of folks I’d be at the ride – you know who you are.

This week, I speak with non-fiction writing professor Meg Guroff about her new book, The Mechanical Horse: How The Bicycle Reshaped American Life.  The book is full of great historical facts and stories as well as a meticulous annotation and extensive bibliography.  Published by University of Texas Press, the book was just published in April and is available where great books are found!  (Meg suggests you should buy from my your independent book seller and I concur!)

After our break, I talk with Kathleen Bond from the PanOhio Hope Ride.  Celebrating its 10th year – this enormously popular and successful event will change it up this year by riding from the Hope House in Cincinnati to the Hope House here in Cleveland.

The work that these houses do – offering free of charge housing for patients and families of cancer patients – is amazing.  Kathleen is an energetic and super well informed champion of the American Cancer Society AND the PanOhio Hope event.



Show #144 – May 25, 2013



Inspired by the fund-raising success of the Pan-Mass Challenge, local cyclist and philanthropist Stewart Kohl is organizing a similar ride in Ohio. This new ride, called VeloSano, will launch in July 2014 from the Cleveland Clinic campus in mid-town Cleveland. You’ll be hearing more about VeloSano in the coming months, but you can get all the details today on The Outspoken Cyclist.

After the news and a break, Diane settles in with author Bruce Barcott, who has just written an article about helmets for Bicycling magazine that has cyclists everywhere wondering, “is this foam hat really protecting me?” Bruce gives us a history lesson on helmet standards, and a peek at new technologies entering the market. Warning geek-out ahead!