Show #144 – May 25, 2013



Inspired by the fund-raising success of the Pan-Mass Challenge, local cyclist and philanthropist Stewart Kohl is organizing a similar ride in Ohio. This new ride, called VeloSano, will launch in July 2014 from the Cleveland Clinic campus in mid-town Cleveland. You’ll be hearing more about VeloSano in the coming months, but you can get all the details today on The Outspoken Cyclist.

After the news and a break, Diane settles in with author Bruce Barcott, who has just written an article about helmets for Bicycling magazine that has cyclists everywhere wondering, “is this foam hat really protecting me?” Bruce gives us a history lesson on helmet standards, and a peek at new technologies entering the market. Warning geek-out ahead!

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  1. That was a brilliant comment that you made about those folks who always make the comment, “Uh, I didn’t see you.” After hitting or almost hitting a cyclist. You’re absolutely right that it should be, “I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing.”

    People need to pay attention and be responsible on the road, no matter what vehicle they are driving.

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