THIS is show #305! – July 23, 2016

This week’s show was supposed to be a bit different from what is actually is going to be. Along with our guests, I was going to talk with you about a short self-supported bike trip Brian and I took last week; but, when I woke up Thursday morning it was to the news that one of my colleagues, the curator of MOMBAT  – (Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology) and one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to me was hit and killed while crossing the street in his home town of Statesville, N.C.

Jeff Archer was one of the really good guys – smart, savvy, and a valued part of the NAHBS judging team that year on year chooses the “best of show” in all categories.  He owned First Flight Bicycles and was just inducted into the

.Our hearts are broken and we send our deepest condolences to his wife and family.

So, while we have a great LIVE guest – in fact he was right here in studio over the weekend – we will also be airing my conversation with Jeff Archer from December of 2012.

First however, is a return guest – also named Jeff. Jeff Mapes was in town, this time to cover the RNC for Oregon Public Broadcasting as its senior political reporter.

Previously, Jeff covered state and national politics for The Oregonian for nearly 32 years. He has covered numerous presidential, congressional, gubernatorial, legislative and ballot measures, as well as many sessions of the Legislature, stretching back to 1985.

An avid bike commuter, as well as a RAAM rider, Jeff is the author of the 2009 book, “Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities.”

Our conversation runs the gamut from what’s happening in Oregon to how self-driving cars might change the way bicycles and cars interact.

Listen in and, please stay safe out there!

NOT show #305 – July 16, 2016

Spent a couple of days on the Erie Canal Towpath in NY with some friends of ours from Oswego, NY this week.  Rode from Lockport to Brockport and back, self-supported, with great tailwinds on day 1 and killer headwinds on day 2.  And, we thought Cleveland had some fierce winds!

Some highlights of the trip included:

– Watching how the locks work in Lockport.  What a feat of engineering this stuff is!

– Finding a GREAT coffee shop in Middleport – Alternative Grounds Caffe.  Excellent coffee, fabulous food, beautiful store!

– Heard an excellent 4-man band – The Third Degree Hot Rockin Band – in Brockport on Thursday night.  Bunch of retired “hippie” types playing everything from Van Morrison and the Beatles to CCR.  Great vocals, guitars, and drums!  90 minutes of non-stop fun.

– Found out we can do this “self supported” tour thing just fine.

Back next week with a brand new show.  Will be speaking with NPR Senior Political Reporter from Oregon Public Radio, Jeff Mapes.  He was in town for the RNC and I had a chance to sit down with him and talk about his book, “Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities” as well as some of his thoughts about the Convention.

If you have a chance – go for a ride!


Show #107 – September 15, 2012

‘Cross season is upon us, this weekend is Ride for Miles at JCU, and women will be riding for charity next Mother’s Day in Washington State. Plenty to talk about this week on The Outspoken Cyclist.

Guests: Richard Fries, Tina Kuna, Jeff Mapes

Cycling renaissance man Richard Fries was about to board a plane for the Netherlands (where he’ll be announcing the World Championships) when we caught up with him to talk about the Providence Cyclo-cross Festival, coming up in Rhode Island October 6th and 7th. As Richard says, “in New England, ‘Cross is racing; everything else is just warmup.”

Billed as “Washington State’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride for Women”, Women’s Living the Dream Ride debuts in Snohomish, Washington May 11, 2013 (time to start planning that spring cycle travel). It’s a benefit for Snohomish Community Kitchen thru Living the Dream Foundation, and guys are welcome, but the event’s focus is on being woman-friendly. Ride organizer Tina Kuna joins us to talk about all the details.

After some news (including a riveting micro-analysis of traffic light and intersection dynamics) Diane welcomes journalist, author, and bike commuter Jeff Mapes. Jeff has authored a book entitled Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities, and he’s in town this weekend to speak at the Natural History Museum as part of the Ride for Miles activities.