Show #648 – March 27, 2024

Guests: Adam Rogers; Peter Flax

This episode features two incredibly thoughtful and knowledgeable guests.

First is someone I would term a renaissance man – at least he’s a modern renaissance man.

Adam Rogers is curious about A LOT of things and while we have a great topic that he recently reported on about bike lanes and their impact on businesses, I just had to ask him about some other projects he’s delved into in his career as a journalist – so far.

One such project involved color, and you might remember the controversy.  Did you see a blue dress with black fringe or a white dress with gold fringe?  And does it matter that you saw one or the other?  Adam thought it was not only interesting, but while working for WIRED, he dove headfirst into the subject. There is even an extensive Wikipedia page about the phenomenon.

Adam Rogers is a senior tech correspondent at Business Insider, covering science, technology, and our weird future. He reports on how technology changes the way we live.

I saw his article, Bike Lanes Are Good for Business, posted on March 7th, and wanted to find out what he discovered.

What I discovered is that Adam doesn’t go off half-cocked on a subject! In fact, he uncovers as much as he can find and then digs even deeper to reveal things many other journalists might miss – over worse, gloss over!

In addition to the dress controversy I mentioned at the top of the show, we also discuss another passion of his – booze. “Proof – The Science of Booze,” is the book he wrote that came out of his discovery that we didn’t know much about the science of distilling liquor.

Oh yeah, we also talk about bike lanes and what the differences are between reality and perception when a bike lane is introduced into a neighborhood.

In the second part of the show, my conversation is with author and journalist Peter Flax.

Photo Credit – Roscoe Flax

Peter and I first spoke when he became editor-in-chief of Bicycling in 2010.  THAT was a long time ago, and since then, he’s moved from the east coast to the west, worked for some other publications, and now has written one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a while.

Peter Flax is a bike rider – he not only says so right at the beginning of his book,  he has and does live it.

“Live to Ride, Finding Joy and Meaning on a Bicycle,” is Peter’s treatise on the bicycle world from the unique perspective of having seen almost every manifestation of bicycling – from the utilitarian to the ultra-competitive. 

In “Live To Ride, Finding Joy and Meaning on a Bicycle,” Peter breaks down his thinking into distinct categories such as adventure, speed, and self-expression.

Each chapter of the book is punctuated by people, photographs, and commentary that represent the title of the chapter.

You know, I think he nails it when he talks about people who ride and how their reasons for riding manifest themselves.  I believe we are all interested in safety and advocacy and have a common interest in our love of the bike, regardless of how we might try to pigeon-hole ourselves.

I like the book a lot and if you want to have a book of thoughtful discourse on your shelves, you would do well to get a copy!  “Live To Ride, Finding Joy and Meaning on a Bicycle,” is available wherever you buy your books!

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Show #440 – February 16, 2019

Guests: Kevin Mills; Bill Elliston


This week, Kevin Mills, Senior VP for Policy at Rails to Trails introduces us to the Great American Bike Trail – a cross country, 12-state alternative to riding on the road. With 12 states already identified and thousands of miles already in place, Kevin fills us in on what the next steps are in completing this long-held vision of the Rails to Trails organization.

Then, it’s a great conversation with Bill Elliston,  pro racer, coach, race announcer, and probably one of the most mellow and well rounded “lifers” in our sport of cycling.

Highlighted in an interview by Peter Flax back in 2017, Bill Elliston’s history and career come to life in our conversation – from his early beginnings to his work with the athletes coaches today, Bill has a great perspective on cycling.

Show #354 – July 1, 2017

Guests: Odessa Gunn; Lloyd Joyce; Cait Dooley

This week Diane talks with retired pro racer Odessa Gunn. She and Levi Leipheimer (her ex-husband) run the Levi’s Gran Fondo from which funds are distributed to several at-risk youth organizations.

In addition, Odessa, who loves animals, has recently returned from China in a effort to both stop and rescue dogs from the horrific and sickening Yulin Dog Festival held each June. Please listen to this show knowing that it is a disturbing topic; and, a story that needs telling.

You can help Odessa rescue and treat these dogs at her crowdfunding site.

Then, retired Marine Lloyd Joyce fills us in on his trip from Pittsburgh to D.C. as he and 99 other veterans ride the 335 miles for the Veteran’s Leadership Program of Western Pa. The organization helps veterans with housing, medical services, employment services and more.

Finally, we speak with Cait Dooley. Cait is currently a product manager for GT bicycles; but, her journey to that position has been bumpy. Her story is documented in an article this week in titled Human Race: Cait Dooley by journalist Peter Flax.

Great show!


Show #347 – May 13, 2017

Guests: Mike Varley; Peter Flax; Brian Jenks

This week we have three interesting and diverse conversations.

First, let me introduce you to Mike Varley. He’s the proprietor of Black Mountain Cycles in Point Reyes Station, California and has a most interesting story to tell. He hails from a solid background in working with such groundbreaking companies as Haro where he designed all sorts of great bike models.

His shop is a one-man operation and his offerings are his own. The Black Mountain Cycles “brand” is a direct reflection of Mike’s ideas and ideals.
Oh, did I mention Mike has two radio shows too?

Then, I catch up with journalist Peter Flax. Peter was editor-in-chief of Bicycling and is now the features editor for the Hollywood Reporter.

Peter has been following the story of the tragic and untimely death of Thomas Palermo by the reckless and careless driving of the now de-frocked Episcopal Bishop of Baltimore, Heather Cook.

Ms. Cook was driving at three times the alcohol legal limit AND texting when she drove into the bike lane in broad daylight and ran Tom over, killing him. She fled the scene, only to come back – not once, but twice – before being arrested and jailed.

The bishop had been in the same position in the past; only, she hadn’t killed anyone previously.

Last week, after serving 18 months of her 7 year sentence, Ms. Cook petitioned the parole board for early release. Prudent minds that saw a lack of remorse and a woman who seems to be very much in denial of her illness, said no.

Peter, who has been following the story since it happened in 2014, released an article on May 5th titled “Eligible for parole after 18 months in prison: The builder, the bishop, and a most violent crime” .

In it, Peter goes back to the beginning of the incident and takes us through the parole hearing. We talk about whether this high-profile case will make a difference and what happens to these cases in the court of law.

Lastly, my Brian gives us some insight into a comment Mike Varley makes at the beginning of the show on a solution Brian needed to come up with for a client that has had long-lived reception all over the world – it’s the Shimergo Solution and it’s a fascinating story; if I do say so myself!

Be prepared to have fun!

Show #265 – September 26, 2015 – Bicycle Tour & Travel Expo

Guests: Charles Coyne; Peter Flax

I’m attending the Recumbent-ConBicycle Tour and Travel Expo at the Sharonville Convention Center in Sharonville, Ohio this weekend.

I’ve never seen so many recumbent bikes! They are fast, fun, and come in more varieties than I would ever have suspected.

I’ve also spoken with some of you listeners, met some great new people, and gave a talk about bike fit to a great audience.

So, if you are in the area, Recumbent-Con is still going on until 4pm Sunday eastern time. You can come down to the convention center and ride a very cool course that the promoters have laid out for your cycling pleasure.

But, let’s let the real expert tell us about the event. In the second half of our show this evening, show producer Charles “chuck” Coyne will talk with me about the show, the recumbent industry, and how bicycle touring will be a growing part of his show for 2016.

First however, we will speak with Hollywood Reporter features editor Peter Flax. You may remember his as the editor for Bicycling Magazine; but, last year Peter decided to pull up stakes and move on out to the west coast.

This past week, Peter’s article The Ride of Way:A View of Los Angeles from a Bicycle Seat was published in the Los Angeles Magazine and in it he details his experiences of riding in Los Angeles over the past year as well as how L.A. is faring when it comes to cyclists, cycling infrastructure, and legislation.

We have some news and chat, so stay right where you are and let’s head on our to LA. to speak with Peter Flax.