Show #265 – September 26, 2015 – Bicycle Tour & Travel Expo

Guests: Charles Coyne; Peter Flax

I’m attending the Recumbent-ConBicycle Tour and Travel Expo at the Sharonville Convention Center in Sharonville, Ohio this weekend.

I’ve never seen so many recumbent bikes! They are fast, fun, and come in more varieties than I would ever have suspected.

I’ve also spoken with some of you listeners, met some great new people, and gave a talk about bike fit to a great audience.

So, if you are in the area, Recumbent-Con is still going on until 4pm Sunday eastern time. You can come down to the convention center and ride a very cool course that the promoters have laid out for your cycling pleasure.

But, let’s let the real expert tell us about the event. In the second half of our show this evening, show producer Charles “chuck” Coyne will talk with me about the show, the recumbent industry, and how bicycle touring will be a growing part of his show for 2016.

First however, we will speak with Hollywood Reporter features editor Peter Flax. You may remember his as the editor for Bicycling Magazine; but, last year Peter decided to pull up stakes and move on out to the west coast.

This past week, Peter’s article The Ride of Way:A View of Los Angeles from a Bicycle Seat was published in the Los Angeles Magazine and in it he details his experiences of riding in Los Angeles over the past year as well as how L.A. is faring when it comes to cyclists, cycling infrastructure, and legislation.

We have some news and chat, so stay right where you are and let’s head on our to LA. to speak with Peter Flax.

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  1. I think recumbent bikes are pretty cool! As a bike enthusiast, recumbent bikes are better in some ways and not as capable of others. Anyways, they are different and their differences make a lot for fun!

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