Show #292 – April 2, 2016

Guests: Chef Biju Thomas; Journalist Dan Wuori

Sorry this is late everyone!  I was on vacation in Ridgeland, Mississippi for the OBO Tandem Rally.  A really well put-together event, 41 teams began the day on Saturday.  This was my first “extended” ride since my stem cell therapy last July, so I was delighted to have finished the 41 mile route.

Rode another 24 on Sunday and then left Mississippi headed for New Orleans.  We stayed at the Fleur de Lis Mansion in the Garden District and walked EVERYWHERE.  We did not move the car or take any other form of transportation until we left on Wednesday.  New Orleans is without a doubt one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited.  The culture(s), food, architecture, and rich history were a bit overwhelming and difficult to digest in just a few days.

And, wait for it, as long as we’re talking food AND digestion… my show for April 2nd starts out with our favorite cycling chef, Biju Thomas.  His Feed Zone Cookbook series have been wildly popular – as is his Little Curry Shop in Denver, Colorado.

The new book in the series, The Feed Zone Table is not just a book of recipes however – rather, it is a short treatise written by both Biju and his partner at Skratch Labs, Dr. Allen Lim, about the effects food, companionship, friendship, and culture have on pro athletes as they struggle with what is mostly a solitary life.

The hardbound book is beautifully written and illustrated with some great candid shots of many riders you might know as you page through the concepts and recipes.

After a short break and some news, I head to South Carolina to welcome back Velo News journalist Dan Wuori.  Dan and I discuss the loss of two pro cyclists in the peloton in late March as well as how incidents between cyclists and the motorbikes that seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time might be better regulated in the upcoming race season and beyond.  We also talk about the Spring Classics, who is looking good for the Tour, and more.

Hope you enjoy this week’s show!

Show #289 – March 12, 2016

Back from the North American Handmade Show and bringing you another great frame builder’s story.

Greg White has been a chef, a Hollywood cinematographer, a pro cyclist, and now is the force behind Magic Cycle Werks in Bend, Oregon.  Greg and I talk about his background, his education, and especially his thoughts about bikes.

Greg debuted a special frame he built for Team Sky’s Ian Boswell at the show and we learn the interesting and serendipitous story behind it.

After a break and some news, I head over to Ridgeland, Mississippi to speak with his Honor the Mayor!  Gene McGee and I will meet face-to-face at the OBO Tandem Rally in Ridgeland and I wanted to get the skinny of the city, the riding, and the food!

So, buckle up.  It’s The Outspoken Cyclist!

Show #273 – November 21, 2015

Guests: Andrew McLindon; Mina Thorgeson; Fredrik Gertten

The week before Thanksgiving… and, we are ramping up to the holidays.

We have three great guests this week so, let’s get right to it.

We begin in Baton Rouge, LA with Andrew McLindon. Andrew is the head of the McLindon Family Foundation and their work is dedicated to special needs children, teens, and young adults.

To date, they have delivered over 90 special bikes – many costing upwards of $5,000 and more, to children who otherwise could not experience the joy, independence, and sense of being part of their respective communities because of their disabilities.

Starting in 2008 with their first bike for a young boy with hydrocephalus, , they now have a waiting list in the hundreds. And, after a piece aired on NBC’s “Making A Difference” on the evening news, not only is there a growing list of those who want and need a special adaptive bike; but, there has been an outpouring of support from individuals, “teams” of people, manufacturers, and more.

It’s a great feel good story and one that fits right in with the season of Thanksgiving.

Then, we head on down to Ridgeland, Mississippi to speak with Mina Thorgeson. I met Mina in Cincinnati at Recumbent Cycle-Con and she was so interesting, enthusiastic, and fun that I needed to know more about her work and her city.

Ridgleland is a small city of 24,000 people – but, it sports 140 restaurants, a 30,000 acre reservoir, hosted a tandem rally last year, and is situated right next to one of the most popular riding routes in the south – the Natchez Trace. Ridgeland welcomes cyclists and their families and offers great southern hospitality.

After some quick news and a break, I take the microphones over to Sweden to speak with film producer and director Fredrik Gertten. Fredrik’s documentary movie, “Bikes vs Cars” is touring the world right now to huge acclaim and enthusiastic audiences.

In a comparison between Sao Paolo, Brazil, and Los Angeles, California, Fredrik’s film shows – in striking and sometimes horrific fashion – how the automobile industry has shaped our world and what is at stake if things don’t change: and soon!

Here in NE Ohio, we will have a chance to view this film on January 28th when screens it at the Capitol Theater in Gordon Square.

So – happy holiday! Thanks for listening and let’s go…