Show #119 – December 1, 2012

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Sometimes it’s not about the bike, but it is about the bike company. This week, we welcome to the show two gentlemen who have ties to iconic bike companies, as well as being interesting in other ways.

Four years ago, John Burke‘s father Dave Burke (founder of Trek Bicycles) died after complications from heart surgery. What started out as a private memoir intended for John’s two children has become a book called One Last Great Thing. John Burke joins us today to talk about the book, his dad, and their shared history in the bike business.

While the Burkes were building Treks in Wisconsin, a company up in Connecticut by the name of Cannondale was also innovating with aluminum tubing in bicycle frames. Production of Cannondales has moved offshore, and the tubing equipment was purchased by our second guest this week, Wade Barocsi of Acel Tubing and Joining Products. Wade is also owner of Cycle Design USA, and a framebuilder and instructor. If you want to know about shaping and joining metal, Wade’s your guy.

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  1. Francis Chapman

    I would not disagree if you say the bike company matters. Though I am not a fan of Trek, I make sure to find a company that has the perfect bike that I need. I got this bike for myself: Not really sure about the technical aspects of this bike, but there’s something in it that I fell in love with.

    • Diane

      And, that is all that counts! Falling in love with your bike and then wanting to never stop riding it!

      Thanks for taking time to write!

      Keep listening.


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