Show #124 – January 5, 2013


As we launch 2013, it just made good sense to look back at the best – and worst – of 2012 with the always on-point Lesli Cohen and the UCI-Overlord (BKA “Not Pat McQuaid”) from

We look at everything and everyone from the successful Chip In campaign for Paul Kimmage to the Flint family, whose legal suit against STRAVA might just come in under the heading of “are you kidding me?” As well as the state of funding for not just racing teams but cycling in general.

So, we hope you enjoy an hour of retrospective chat about our sport for this first show of the New Year.

Thanks, as always, for listening!

2 Replies to “Show #124 – January 5, 2013”

  1. GREAT SHOW as usual! Just a tad disappointed Ryder Hejadel was not mentioned for his spectacular performance in the 2012 Giro!
    Historic win for Canada!

    1. Thanks Janet… I guess we missed him and you of course are right. Perhaps we should just do a segment about him! Or better yet, try to track him down and interview him directly. Thanks for listening! Diane

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