Show #220 – November 15, 2014

Guests: Mia Kohout, Momentum Magazine; Sarah Johnson, Omaha Bicycle Company

It’s a fun show tonight! Even though we experienced a HUGE snow dump this week, the sun is shining today and life is good!

My first guest is the managing editor of Momentum Magazine, Mia Kohout. Momentum’s focus being active lifestyle, family, and transportation, I wanted to ask her about holiday gift ideas for children and parents as well as her favorite stocking stuffers and indoor storage ideas.

We have some interesting news then we’re going to speak with Sarah Johnson, owner of The Omaha Bicycle Company (and coffee shop). Featured in an interview by the League of American Bicyclists this week, I was instantly interested in her story as it seems to parallel my own – only with a much more confident and modern twist. As it turns out, she’s also hilarious, smart, and savvy.

So… as my friend Kim always says… Let’s Do It!

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