Show #221 – November 22, 2014

Angie Schmitt from StreetsblogUSA; Carlton Reid, author of “Roads Were Not Made for Cars”

This week, we talk Bike Share and Bike Rental – is there a difference? And, if so, does one offer advantages over the other? I welcome Angie Schmitt from Streetblog.USA back to our show to discuss her recent blog entries about Bike Share as well as her thoughts on what private vs. public funding for bike share programs might mean in the long run.

In the second half of our show, we’ll head over the the U.K. to have an in-depth conversation about roads – from the materials that make up the surfaces upon which we walk, ride, and drive to the evolution of the roads from the pre-historic age of the Mastodon to today.

Carlton Reid, editor of and author of the much awaited and now acclaimed Roads Were Not Built for Cars joins me for this conversation in what turns out to be one fascinating subject!

Already sold out in print form, the book is available for almost every conceivable electronic device. AND, the digital version is fun, informative, and creative.

Consisting of 480 pages (the iPad version) the e-book contains 10 short videos, 2 sound clips, and 581 illustrations. The opening instructions include a great music piece too.

The notes for the book are so extensive – 91,000 words to date – that they occupy an on line link.

Happy thanksgiving to all – and enjoy this week’s show!

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