A Commentary on Abbott’s “Signorina”


I’ve been struggling with my thoughts about the Abbott “Signorina” bicycle displayed at NAHBS that has created both outrage and controversy.

As a student of art (I attended art school at the college level), I can appreciate that one man sees Mona Lisa where another might see a Mapplethorpe and take offense.  By definition, “art” is objective; but, intent comes into play here and by adding his “survey” to the photos on his web site, Mr. Abbott moves away from art and into the realm of just plain creepy and lewd.

So, I will not be judge and jury; but, I do reserve my right to call out something that is in bad taste and suggest that Mr. Abbott’s judgment in this case was way off base.

One would hope that the bicycle world has moved away from the “teenage boy” image and into adulthood.