Show #240 – April 4, 2015

Guests: Race director for the IU Little 500 Jordan Bailey and movie director for “One Day in April” Tom Miller; COO Tim Miller from the UCI Road Race Championships in Richmond, Va.

Breaking Away” might have put it on the map, but The Indiana University Little 500 is still the mother of the invention. Back in 1951, IU Foundation President Howdy Wilcox decided to raise awareness for the student foundation by putting on a collegiate bike race and the Little 500 was born.

Today, the Little 500 is the largest collegiate bike race in the country and to date has raised more than $1M for student scholarships.

Race director Jordan Bailey joins me to talk about the event, its history, and how the IU college campus looks at and embraces diversity in all things.

Along with Jordan, director Tom Miller joins the conversation with his brand new film “One Day in April”, which will screen in its entirety for the first time on the eve of this year’s men’s event April 25th.

The movie follows 4 teams as they train to race for the 2013 event.
The conversation is interesting, fun, and informative.

After our break and some news, we talk with another Miller. This time, it’s Tim Miller, the Chief Operating Officer of the UCI Road Race Championships in Richmond, Virginia. Tim fills us in on how Richmond was able to get this week-long international event for his city and what we can expect as hundreds of thousands of spectators, media, and world class cyclists descend on Richmond this September.

Sit back and enjoy! And, maybe make some plans to travel to Indiana this month and Virginia in September!

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