Show #254 – July 11, 2015

Guests: Live Update Guy Charles Pelkey; Author Peter B. Rice

I think we really nailed a great show this week!

With African rider Daniel Teklehaimonot in the polka dot jersey raising his arms on the podium and the maillot jeune handed off once again as race leader Tony Martin had to abandon after Stage 6 with a fracture of his shoulder, this year’s Tour de France has been nothing less than thrilling.

One of the most interesting ways to follow the race is to log on to and follow moment by moment as veteran journalists Charles Pelkey and Patrick O’Grady detail each stage from start to finish. Even without the visuals, the colorful commentary takes you right there AND you can participate in it with them.

Charles also shares his opinions and ideas about a few other salient cycling subjects as well as detailing his role as a new legislator in the Wyoming House.

After our break and some news, we turn our sights on New Mexico where I catch up with Peter B. Rice. Peter’s book, Spandex Optional – Bicycle Touring: How To Ride Long Distance, the Cheap and Easy Way, turned out to be quite a fun little tome. Peter’s perspectives on bicycling and bicycle touring are very different from what you might think of as “traditional” – and, I found his ideas and suggestions very likeable. (P.S. One of his comments? Training sucks)

So, let’s head on out to Laramie, Wyoming and chat with the Live Update Guy, Charles Pelkey.