Show #277 – December 19, 2015

Guests: Velo News editor Caley Fretz; “Mad Dog Media’s” Patrick O’Grady

Happy holidays from The Outspoken Cyclist!

We have two great guests for our final show of 2015.

First up is popular Velo News associate editor Caley Fretz. Caley has written so much about our sport and this past week had two articles published – both of which grabbed my attention.

There were actually two separate entries about the first subject, transgender cyclocross racer Molly Cameron. The first, on December 11th said she wouldn’t be permitted to race in the master’s men’s events; and the second, published just a few days later, said she would. And, while this isn’t what Caley and I talked about for this on air conversation, both are fitting for this time in history and in our sport.

The second article, titled: “Uniquely vulnerable: The Tour and terrorism” raised the hair on the back of my neck. In light of all the issues in Paris (and elsewhere around the world), the question of whether the peloton is defenseless against predators seems like an important one to ask. Then, there are the spectators and support crew – how can we protect cycling?

In our conversation Caley and I discuss what the authorities did at the 2015 TdF and what we might expect to see in the future.

We also chat a bit about all the crashes that seem to be coming from course obstacles – both moving and stationary – as well as what Caley is working on for 2016. (Hint: women + para-olympics!)

After our news and a break, we head on out to Albuquerque to catch up with long time journalist, cartoonist, and satirist, Patrick “Mad Dog Media” O’Grady.

Patrick’s reviews of bikes this past year for Adventure Cyclist Magazine give us great insight into what is truly available as well as desirable in a sturdy, functional, reasonably priced, and fun touring machine. Who knew there were so many available when one rarely sees them in the local bike shops. But, out there they are and after talking with Patrick, you might just want to add one to your stable!

Show #254 – July 11, 2015

Guests: Live Update Guy Charles Pelkey; Author Peter B. Rice

I think we really nailed a great show this week!

With African rider Daniel Teklehaimonot in the polka dot jersey raising his arms on the podium and the maillot jeune handed off once again as race leader Tony Martin had to abandon after Stage 6 with a fracture of his shoulder, this year’s Tour de France has been nothing less than thrilling.

One of the most interesting ways to follow the race is to log on to and follow moment by moment as veteran journalists Charles Pelkey and Patrick O’Grady detail each stage from start to finish. Even without the visuals, the colorful commentary takes you right there AND you can participate in it with them.

Charles also shares his opinions and ideas about a few other salient cycling subjects as well as detailing his role as a new legislator in the Wyoming House.

After our break and some news, we turn our sights on New Mexico where I catch up with Peter B. Rice. Peter’s book, Spandex Optional – Bicycle Touring: How To Ride Long Distance, the Cheap and Easy Way, turned out to be quite a fun little tome. Peter’s perspectives on bicycling and bicycle touring are very different from what you might think of as “traditional” – and, I found his ideas and suggestions very likeable. (P.S. One of his comments? Training sucks)

So, let’s head on out to Laramie, Wyoming and chat with the Live Update Guy, Charles Pelkey.

Show #162 – September 28, 2013



Summer may be gone for 2013 in the northern hemisphere, but we’re postponing its funeral by holding an extended wake for summer on our bikes. Calling hours are held outside on every sunny day between now and Halloween!

The other way you can tell that summer is officially over is the annual occurrence of Interbike. On this week’s Outspoken Cyclist, Diane brings us her Interbike wrap-up with four interviews captured on the show floor: