Show #258 – August 8, 2015

Guest: Walking Quadriplegic Jenny McCune

Today our show offers up one great interview along with a full complement of news.

Have you ever heard the term, “walking quadriplegic”? I hadn’t either, until one of my students told me about a somewhat distant relative, Jenny McCune, who had gone down in a bike crash in 2007 and suffered a several spinal chord injury.

Jenny’s story is remarkable – not just because she is walking; but, also because recently she has begun riding again!

She attributes much of her recovery to her patience as a practicing Buddhist as well as her determination to make the amazing comeback she has made.

Jenny talks with me about her love for our sport, what it took to walk again, and how she just couldn’t stay away from her bicycle!

Our news includes a bit of discussion about Trek’s decision to offer an on-line shipping opportunity to the general public and what it could mean for the independent bicycle dealer as well as more trouble in the peloton including a crash that took out the entire BMC team this week, a positive doping sample from last year’s Tour of Utah winner Tom Danielson, and who made the Active Times list of the top 50 bikes shops in the U.S.
Enjoy the show!