Show #257 – August 1, 2015

Guests: Physics Professor John Eric Goff; Ohio Bike Lawyer Steve Magas

We’ve seen the winners of the TdF. We’ve seen more than our share of crashes in this year’s event. And, we’ve seen controversy. So, what’s left? Well, how about something a little more techy-geeky?

Dr. John Eric Goff, physics professor at Lynchburg College in Virginia, does a little calculating – PRE-race, to predict finishing times for all 21 stages of the Tour de France; and, he’s been doing this for a few years now. How accurate is he? And, how does he do it? Just you wait and see.

Dr. Goff, author of Gold Medal Sports, is interested in the physics of sports and is off to Sheffield, England for a one-year sabbatical that will include some more interesting projects with sports related topics; maybe even one that involves bicycle tires! And, he’s my first guest this evening.

Then Tim and I rattle off some news items before we head on down to Cincinnati to talk with bicycle attorney Steve Magas.

Evidently, statistics in bicycle crashes – especially as they relate to deaths – show a marked decrease; but, are these statistics correct or is something else going on? Steve, who always has fascinating things to tell us, will fill us in on that and more.