Show #281 – January 16, 2016

Guest: Race Announcer Extraordinaire Dave Towle

Who is Dave Towle? (That’s TOW-le now tow-EL)

He’s an extraordinary race announcer, a super cool guy, and knows more about modern day cycling than many of us have forgotten.

What is so cool about Dave is his love of the work that he does.  And, he’s got “Towle-isms” such as: “Yes folks he looks skinny but in an hour when the race gets going, this guy will be like a cocktail napkin with an outboard motor attached!”

My conversation with Dave covers the gamut from his early days in Colorado to his… current days in Colorado!

He is not much of a self-aggrandizer (that’s my new $.25 word!) so I had to dig deep to find a good article about him; this one should suffice!

I don’t want to give too much away here because the conversation is fun, interesting, and informative – and it has some pretty nice continuity!

You can follow Dave on Twitter – @davedtowle

This is the time we also start to remind you that WJCU’s annual “Radiothon” will take place next month.  Get your checkbook or credit card ready! We’ll have more soon.