Show #282 – January 23, 2016

Guests: Industry expert Jay Townley; Author, Coach, Sports Nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald

If you grew up riding a Schwinn, it very well might have been purchased from a Schwinn Total Concept Store; and, I doubt there is ANYONE who knows more about the original Schwinn Total Store concept than one of its originators, Jay Townley. In fact, you probably didn’t even realize the “totality” of that neighborhood Schwinn store – how it looked, what it had on the pegboard walls, and how the mechanics performed their tasks.

We talk about how that Total Concept idea developed, when and where the Park Tool Company began, and take a peek into what retail looks like today.

Today, Jay offers the bike industry insight, statistics, and guidance as part of the Gluskin-Townley Group and he’s my first guest this evening.

After our break and the rest of the week’s news, we once again talk with author, coach, sports nutritionist and journalist Matt Fitzgerald. Matt, who has written more than 20 book, including his bestselling book Racing Weight which gave us insight into brain hunger and what we need to do to become a leaner, meaner athlete, has released his newest book, “How Bad Do You Want It.”

In it, he discusses the psychology of mind over muscle. Relating the stories of real athletes’ like cyclist Greg LeMond, triathlete Paula-Newby Fraser, and of course the world-class Kenyan runners, the Matt unravels the reasons some of us succeed, some of us don’t, and how we can recognize who and what we are and perhaps change the way we behave.

Let’s begin tonight’s journey with long-time bicycle industry expert, Jay Townley.