Show #413 – August 11, 2018

Guest: Anthony Moccia

Not the usual hour of fun and talk… and, I hope you enjoy this “mini-podcast”

We are just back from vacation and I have quite an interesting tale to tell.

Then, it’s off to Vermont to talk with Anthony Moccia about Rasputitsa… events for the gravel-minded. (What DOES it mean? You’ll find out when you listen!)

Coming up September 1st is The Redemption Tour – you might just want to add this to your pre-cross calendar!

And there are already 600 riders registered for the Spring, 2019 “main event”.

It might be short, but it’s not too bad!


2 Replies to “Show #413 – August 11, 2018”

  1. Nice short show!

    All hail King James, and good on him for promoting cycling, especially at the accessible, utilitarian level rather than super-pricey high end stuff, but you should check out Reggie Miller too. Here’s two articles I’ve enjoyed:

    A quote:
    With mountain biking, I guess I’m one of the first. LeBron pedaled a bike from his house all the way to the arena once, with security. But on trails, I’m one of the only brothers out there biking.

    Now that LeBron is moving to L.A., I hope he and Reggie become trail buddies!

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