Show #470 – September 14, 2019

Guests: Debra Bogaards; Sue Prant; Kevin Wren

If you are a regular listener to NPR’s Marketplace, which airs weekdays around 6pm in our time zone, you may have recognized my voice – On Tuesday, a 3-minute monologue about our bicycle business aired around 25 minutes into the show on the My Economy feature.

And, what happened next was unbelievable – it was as if someone had unleashed a hurricane as all of our social media feeds lit up, our web site was overwhelmed, and our email in boxes were full.

I really want to thank Bennett Purser, the producer who not only talked me through the initial conversation, but skillfully edited and assembled the piece… I am very grateful and very envious of his talent!

If you missed it and are interested in hearing it, you can log onto and click on the my economy link at the top. The piece is titled A small bike shop with a big customer first idea. Yeah baby!

So, now that I’ve patted myself on the back enough… let’s do a show!

Three great guests – three very different topics this evening.

First up is attorney Debra Bogaards. I met Debra when Brian and I rode in Israel in 2017 and we’ve kept in touch through social media since. Debra’s law practice is in S.F.

Recently, she posted something about cancelling her membership in the luxury Equinox fitness club where she took spinning classes among other things.

Voting with her dollars, Debra’s reasons for taking her money elsewhere are a noble example of honoring your principles and calling out those who don’t.

Then, it’s off to Boulder, Colorado where Sue Prant, executive director of Community Cycles, talks with me about plunger-gate (I believe I coined that expression) when a lane on 30th Street, notorious for being a tough place for cyclists, was mysteriously turned into a protected bike lane with a line of plungers glued to the pavement. Sue and I also talk about her work and how Colorado is handling some transportation issues.

Finally, Kevin Wren of Wren Sports, who is just back from Eurobike, gives us an overview of the show, a lesson in how the bike industry really works, and how he and his partner drilled down to find the niche that they now occupy with some great success