Show #225 – December 20, 2014

Guests: Pro Cyclist and film producer Kathryn Bertine; Coach, author, and ultra-distance athlete Mark Kleanthous

Happy holidays to all! Happy Solstice too!

With just a few more days to get those last minute gifts, we have two guests whose work might just offer up a suggestion and, regardless – are interesting for who they are and what they do.

My first guest is the producer and director of the cycling documentary “Half the Road: The Passion, Power, & Pitfalls of Women’s Professional Cycling.”

Although Kathryn Bertine started out as a figure skater, she found her way into triathlon and then fell in love with road cycling.

Quickly riding to the top of the standings, she found out just how difficult it is for women – even very talented women – to find a place in pro cycling. So, she fell back on her journalism work (she was a writer for ESPN) and called upon all her connections to produce this 1 hour and 52 minute documentary. It includes some of the great cyclists from the past – Connie Carpenter Phinney and Inga Thompson for example; and some of the great women racing today. The film is narrated by ex-pro cyclist and well-known race announcer Bob Roll. You can find out more about the film and the accompanying book at

In the second half of the show, we will speak with Mark Kleanthous,  ultra-distance athlete, coach, and author of the new book, The Mental Battle: Triathlon .

Mark also authored the Complete Book of Triathlon Training and has over 1050 triathlons, marathons, and other ultra-endurance events under his belt.

The Mental Battle gives you all the ammunition you need to conquer the demons that plague an athlete mentally when racing or training. From positive imagery to a litany of A-Z of negative words we tend to use that end up sabotaging our goals, Mark gives you the tools you need to train and compete. (And, if you order one of the books from his web site, Mark will sign it for you too!)

Either the film or the book might just be the right “last gift” for you or your cyclist!

Show #223 – December 6, 2014

Guests: Our Bicycle Donation Opportunity Show includes: World Bicycle Relief, Trips for Kids, People for Bikes, and Tours de Cure

As many of us here in the U.S. know, the past week was one of “specialty days”. We experienced Black Friday (which evidently was a bit anemic), Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

Not to be left out – we are prepared to throw our handlebars into the ring and offer up a few ideas for charitable giving to bicycle non-profits.

So, this week, we present Bicycle Donation Opportunities. We will be speaking with four different people from four different bicycle non-profits; and, after asking them each the same set of four questions perhaps one of these organizations will “pull at your heartstrings” as you write your “checks for charity” this year.

Our first guest is Ruth-Ann Renaud director of global marketing for World Bicycle Relief. Ruth-Ann just returned from Zambia and is ready to share the work of WBR, including their amazing milestone for 2014, with you.

Our second conversation is with Marilyn Price. Marilyn is the founder and executive director of Trips for Kids, since its inception in 1988 has “opened the world of cycling in the United States, Canada, Israel and Sierra Leone, to over 127,000 at-risk youth. We’ll learn more about the organization, it’s earn a bike program, and how to support one or more of the over 80 chapters operating today.

After 4 ½ years, “People for Bikes” has reached its initial goal of 1,000,000 signatures to the Pledge! So, of course we wanted to include the organization in our “Bicycle Donation Opportunities” show. We speak with Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Kate Powlison to hear about all the projects that are in progress or coming up for 2015. PFB has made some significant changes in the past year or so and has taken on a lot of the important work in moving cycling forward here in the U.S.

And finally, we are going to talk with the Nicole Preston, National Director for the Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure rides. We have talked about the rising incidence of diabetes and how cycling can help to alleviate some symptoms as well as keep more severe problems at bay. Nicole will give us an update on the events for 2015 and how you can get involved if you wish.

Lastly, we will hear the second part of my interview with Inga Thompson from last week.

Show #222 – November 29, 2014

Guests: Chef Biju talks leftovers and Little Curry Shop; Inga Thompson, new inducted Bicycle Hall of Famer

On our post-Thanksgiving show, we’re offering up some leftovers! No – not an old show; REAL left overs!!

And the perfect person to give original ideas for leftovers is Chef Biju Thomas. Chef Biju, co-author of the Feedzone Cookbooks, talks burritos, chilis, and more. He will also tell us a bit about his new book (won’t be out until Fall, 2015) as well as his background and how that has evolved into his new restaurant, Little Curry Shop that will open in Denver next week.

We’ll have news – most of it GOOD; and, then we will have the first half of a great conversation I had with newly inducted Bicycle Hall of Famer, Inga Thompson. Along with three other cycling luminaries, Inga was awarded her place in bicycling history at a ceremony earlier this month.

Inga, who is an outspoken advocate for cleaning up the sport of cycling (her interview in Velo News in June, 2014 is worth the read)

As always, Inga is fun, informative, and thought provoking and because our discussion was so interesting, I just couldn’t bear to cut it off.  So, we’ll have the second half of our conversation next week.

Show #156 – August 17, 2013



This week’s Outspoken Cyclist is the culmination of many months of planning and plotting to bring together five women who are either current or former professional bike racers, for a panel discussion on their experiences and expectations racing in the shadow of their male counterparts. The ladies often race the same courses at virtually the same speeds as the men (minus the high-profile cheating) and yet there is an order of magnitude of difference in the pay and media coverage. Why is that, and what will it take to change it? Well, that and many other questions are the subject of a full hour with five very smart and talented women racers.

You can learn more about each of this week’s guests by following the links below:

Show #127 – January 26, 2013


Would you hang up your bike cold turkey, and become a cattle farmer? Inga Thompson did exactly that in the mid-1990’s after a successful, yet frustrating career as an Olympian and U.S. National Team racer. Thompson learned that ‘not a team player’ was actually code for ‘clean rider’. She offers her inside view on women’s racing, and life beyond cycling.

In the second half of the show, Diane talks with nutritionist and author Matt Fitzgerald, whose book Racing Weight is now in its second edition. Weight is on many peoples’ minds this time of year, as we assess the toll our holiday indulgence has taken on our body mass. Matt has many practical tips on how to increase the quality of your dietary intake, and avoid “brain hunger”.