Show #438 – February 2, 2019

Guests: Deb Banks; Michael Roth

Our show this evening begins with a delightful conversation! Deb Banks, AKA the Rivetress, IS in fact the proprietor of Rivet Cycle Works manufacturing a line of classically beautiful and functional leather saddles. But wait, there’s way more to Deb than saddles. With a PhD in education, Deb spent 30 years in academia before deciding to head out of Boulder and back to California where she grew up.

Today, she wears not only the Rivet hat, but also has a key role in RUSA, Randonenneurs USA, as well as putting together a brevet series in Northern California.

Still recovering from a major crash back in 2014, Deb is hoping to get to PBP this year too.

After a break, we chat with Michael Roth from AEG, he world’s leading sports and live entertainment company. AEG is the producer of the Amgen Tour of California, among a whole lot of other things, and this week the 2019 routes were introduced, touting the longest and most challenging men’s and women’s routes in the race’s 14 year history.

We’ll ask Michael about the routes, who might be showing up to race, and about some of the charitable things that have come out of the partnership between Amgen and AEG – including a very respectable donation to the Red Cross after the California fires last fall.

I want to give a shout out to longtime bicycle fanatic and self proclaimed aficionado Jim Langley for reaching one amazing milestone.
When we spoke with Jim way back in 2013, he had just completed 73,000 miles over a 20 year period – not missing a day of riding. Fast forward to this week where Jim just posted 9,164 daily consecutive riding days – equaling 25 years! He told me he wasn’t always sure he was going to make it, getting older and all… but, clearly that is NOT the case. So, if you have a moment and want to congratulate him, you can find him at

Show #276 – December 12, 2015

Guests: PBP American Record Holder Paul Bacho; Brett Horton from the Horton Collection

After a quick update about Charlie Cunningham’s rehab progress (you can help his cause at we are pleased to welcome endurance athlete, athletic trainer and therapist, and PBP record holder Paul Bacho to our show this evening.

Paul has successfully completed 8 Paris-Brest-Paris events, spanning 32 years, is a successful Hawaii Ironman, and as the only American, has ridden the 5-month-long Paris to Beijing ride to celebrate the 2008 Olympics.

Paul, who has a masters in athletic training, is also a Neural Integration Structural Therapist – a modality that is both gentle and effective and will explain what it is and what it accomplishes.

After a break and some news, we head on out to the west coast to reconnect with Brett Horton, owner and curator of the Horton Collection. His new book, “Shoulder to Shoulder: Bike Racing in the Age of Anquetil”, has just been released for the holiday season with a beautiful collection of photographs depicting our sport during the 50’s and 50’s.

So, sit back and enjoy my conversation with endurance athlete and athletic trainer Paul Bacho.