Show #596 – March 12, 2022

Guests: Kisha Tandy; Richard Sachs

This week’s show first takes us way back in history with one of the most decorated cyclists of his time and then brings us up to date with one of our favorite guests and one of the most prominent frame builders working today.

My first guest is Kisha Tandy. Kisha is the Curator of Social History at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis. Last Saturday, March 5th, a new exhibit opened at the museum delving deeply into the life of Marshall “Major” Taylor. Sub-titled, “Fastest Cyclist in the World,” Kisha walks us through the exhibit and what we can expect to see and do.

When you think of icons of the racing world from Jacques Anquiteil and Eddy Merckxx to champions like David Phinney and Mark Cavendish, you may not always think back to remember one of the most famous of them all – Marshall “Major” Taylor.

There have been countless stories, articles, and books about Major Taylor, so when I learned about this new exhibit in Indianapolis, I wondered what would be different and maybe new.

Well, actually it turns out that there is a lot – from his diary and other personal writings to his trophies and other memorabilia, curator Kisha Tandy walks us through the extensive areas of the exhibit to show us what Major Taylor’s life was all about.

Then, it’s off to Connecticut to speak with frame builder, Richard Sachs.
Last week, an interview on the site, Tempus Fugit, shed some light on more of
Richard’s life and thinking.

This conversation begins with a chat about an interview Richard gave to Tempus Fugit – a site run by a “watch guy” named James Henderson. What does Richard, Henki as Mr. Henderson’s friends call him, and fine watches have to do with one another?  You’ll learn all about it and more in a bit.

Today, in our conversation, we flesh out a bit of that interview and then delve into his thoughts about what has happened in the world of frame building since the first NAHBS many years ago. He and I both agree it might be time to elevate the art of frame building in an entirely new way.

Show #231 – January 31, 2015

Guests: Patrick Brady from Winter Press Camp; Master Frame Builder Richard Sachs

Super Bowl? Phoenix Open? No No No … The Outspoken Cyclist!

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On with the show!

This evening, we have the honor to once again speak with master frame builder Richard Sachs. Our conversation ranges from his thoughts on how frame building has changed from his early days – more than 40 years ago – to his take on the U.S. Cyclocross Nationals in Austin, Texas a couple of weeks ago.

Richard has the uncanny ability to cut right to the chase (as in not mince words) about what’s so in the sometimes seemingly mystical world of custom frames. In fact, he reels those ideas right back down to earth in a direct and insightful way. Richard joins me in the second half of the show.

We also speak with RKP’s Patrick Brady. Patrick joins me from Winter Press Camp in Westlake Village, California. This January version of the popular Summer Press Camp that is offered in Park City, Utah in June is meant to give companies who are launching some new product and ideas a jump start in the pre-season. Patrick tells us about Shimano’s new eBike – very different from the ones we think about on the market today; and, he gives a glowing report to a brand new Italian apparel company.

Show #114 – October 27, 2012

Richard Sachs, T.J. Murphy

It’s been difficult to escape the Lance-centric USADA-fueled, and now UCI-driven cycling saga of 2012. Billions of bytes and pixels have been spilled over the revelations of doping in the pro peloton over the past several weeks. You may think you’ve read and heard all there is on this topic, but you’d be wrong…

This week, The Outspoken Cyclist checks in with framebuilder, cyclocross racer, and opinionated observer of all things, Richard Sachs. Richard has a perspective that is unique and sometimes controversial, but always ‘atmo‘.

After a survey of the cycling news, including the announcement of a collaboration between Bianchi and Gucci, we welcome author T. J. Murphy, who has written a new book about CrossFit. Murphy’s book, Inside the Box: How CrossFit Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body tells of how he went from a limping 47-year-old former marathon runner to the best shape of his life, all by using the nutritional and workout techniques of CrossFit.

Two quick programming notes:

  • After this TOC episode was recorded, the UCI announced it has suspended its suit against journalist Paul Kimmage, pending the outcome of an independent management review.
  • If you’re looking for the online raffle to benefit the family of the late Stan Bugarcic (the man who drowned in the 2012 Greater Cleveland Triathlon), here’s the link:


Show #90 – May 19, 2012

May is National Bike Month, and the season is just getting into full swing for a lot of riders. But in between all that riding, ya gotta keep up with what’s going on, right? Never fear, The Outspoken Cyclist is here to maximize your intake of cyclinformation.

Aaron Gulley participates in, and writes about athletic pursuits of all types for a number of publications, including Outside Magazine. Listen as he describes his path as a journalist, and some of his favorite topics.

Ellee Thalheimer is another great example of an immersion writer. She brings a rich history of adventure travel and cycle touring to her new book Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Oregon.

And finally, we wrap up with a visit from three “repeat offenders” on The Outspoken Cyclist: framebuilders Josh Symonds, Mike Zancanato, and Richard Sachs. They’re here to talk about their upcoming Baller’s Ride, happening May 25th – 27th in Virginia.