Show #569 – August 21, 2021

Guests: Professor Ben Brewer; Journalist John Surico

I want to start by asking that you stay focused and informed about what is happening to the women cyclists and athletes in Afghanistan.

My colleague and activist friend Shannon Galpin told us in our conversation back in mid-July, these women were going to be in danger – and they are.

This week, Shannon and her network are working feverishly to get these women out of the country. A few days ago, she was able to secure the departure for 5 women – making an agonizing choice as to who would board a plane.

Please keep these brave people in your thoughts and intentions as people work feverishly behind the scenes to secure their passage to safety.

This week’s show is a two-fer and both guests have joined me in the past.

Back in 2019, Sociology Professor Ben Brewer asked custom frame builders to respond to a survey he had designed with the hopes of learning about as he calls it the “micro-enterprise” of frame building.

COVID sort of delayed the survey, but in fact, gave Ben some extra time to analyze the almost 40% response he received from his list of around 300 builders.

Whether you want to BE a frame builder or want to know ABOUT frame builders, Ben has some concrete answers for you.

Today, we’ll break down what he found out about frame builders from how many units they produce to where they live, how much education they’ve received, and whether they are actually making any money.

And, if you want to see the entire survey, you can download it too!

Then, John Surico is back to help unpack the $1T+ infrastructure bill.

From $39 billion – with a b – for public transit to 66B – another b – for Amtrak, the massive infrastructure bill that finally passed the Senate is back in the hands of the House of Representatives to be marked up to get ready for a vote.

But, is there money for micro-mobility? Is this bill enough? Well, is it ever enough? And, what’s in it for biking, walking, Greenways, and local projects?

Let’s ask John Surcio… he knows!

Show #564 – July 17, 2021

Guests: Shannon Galpin; Trudie Lobban

My first guest is not new to The Outspoken Cyclist..  She is one of the bravest, most passionate, and ardent activists for women’s rights, Shannon Galpin. (You can join her on Patreon!)

Her message today should strike a chord in the very depths of your psyche as she offers us the unvarnished truth about what is happening to the women of Afghanistan – especially the women’s cycling team.

Back in 2012 and 2013, the Afghan Women’s Cycling Team was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and Shannon was named National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year.

Now, Afghanistan is under siege and women especially are at risk, including the women’s cycling team. (You can help the Afghan Women’s Team!)

Shannon, who currently lives in Scotland, returned to the U.S. on a personal matter and I was able to catch up with her a couple of days ago.

Then, we discuss a really important issue that affects a LOT of people and apparently, might affect those who exercise intensely even more than the general population.

On July 12th, the Irish Times published an article titled: “Athletes more likely than non-athletes to have irregular heartbeats”

It seemed counter-intuitive at first; but, 13 studies between 1990 and 2020 that analyzed data from 70,478 participants concluded that “there is a threshold beyond which exposure to increasing levels of exercise is linked to heart issues including atrial fibrillation.”

AA logo – MASTER 2016 LOGO

As I read the article, I thought back to my conversations with Lennard Zinn and his tribulations with Afib as well as all the ads on TV which I thought were overblown in an effort to sell more pharmaceuticals.


So, I decided to talk with Trudie LobbanTHE expert in the field.  Trudie is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Arrhythmia Alliance and she has some sage advice to pass along to us about heart irregularities and how to not only detect them, but what to do about them – including her “” initiative.  (Know Your Pulse Video!)

Show #449 – April 20, 2019


Guests: Shannon Galpin; Paul Sherwen

It might be an encore presentation this evening; but, I’ve reached back into the archives and pulled two GREAT conversations you might want to revisit or… perhaps you will be hearing them for the first time.

In this age of so much angst among women, one person stands out to me as a shining example of commitment, grit, and grace. Garnering the title of National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year in 2013, Shannon Galpin has gone on to do some amazing things since our first conversation in 2015 and a subsequent catch-up in 2016, Shannon has since been around the world with her daughter to bring endangered species to the fore through art – a broad and successful project that took them to the far corners of the world.

Tonight, we revisit our April 30, 2016 conversation.

Then, as the 2019 pro season continues with the spring classics and then moves on toward the big events of the summer, I thought my chat with Paul Sherwen would be appropriate.

Although Paul passed away last December, he will be long remembered for his 3+ decades in the sport from 7 Tours de France and 2 British Cycling Championships to his witty and knowledgeable coverage of the Tour along with Phil Liggett.

Enjoy this week’s encore presentations and I hope you have a Happy Passover and Happy Easter (or just a happy weekend!)

Show #328 – December 31, 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Guests: New Year Encore Interviews! Jeremy Powers, Shannon Galpin, Maynard Hershon’s “Nice Wheels”

This week in a special presentation, we are offering up two of our favorite conversations from 2016 and a wonderful story that journalist/writer Maynard Hershon has spun for us in the past,

First up is Jeremy Powers, one of the top pro cyclocross racers EVER -.  In my conversation with him back in October, we chatted about whether the rumors of his retirement are true, what happened in a key race in Iowa, and what he likes to eat!

He also shared some very interesting ideas about our sport of cycling. Jeremy’s was one of the most “liked” interviews on the show this year.

After a short musical interlude, we’ll come back with my August interview with the ever active Shannon Galpin – arguably one of the bravest and most inspiring women with whom I’ve ever spoken.

Her work with the women in Afghanistan stands as a testament to the sheer will of someone who just won’t take no as an answer.  Her Afghan Women’s Cycling Team was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and her work has earned her a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award.  She is one of my favorite people in our world of cycling.

We close out 2016 with the re-telling of Maynard Hershon’s “Nice Wheels”.

I first heard the story many years ago, have heard it several times since, and never get tired of it.  Of course, Maynard’s telling of it makes it that much better.

Lastly I would like to wish you a very happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year.


Show #310 – August 27, 2016

Guests: Mountain2Mountain’s Shannon Galpin; Atlanta’s Byron Rushing; Greg Priddy

With the militant attack on the American University in Kabul this week, it is difficult to believe that there might be good news coming from Afghanistan.

But, Shannon Galpin, the force behind the Nobel Peace Prize nominated Women’s Cycling Team in Afghanistan, does have some good news about the riders and their quest for equality as well as a spot in the 2020 Olympics.

Shannon also weighs in on women’s rights worldwide and how Muslim women are dealing with the “duality” of being true to themselves as well as their religion while still trying to compete on the world stage.

I also talk with Atlanta Regional Commission’s bike and pedestrian planner, Byron Rushing. Atlanta has some big plans on the table for both short and long term biking options including a 22-mile loop around the city.

And finally, my previous technical producer and co-host, Greg Priddy has some sage advice for us based upon his 3-year ordeal with colon cancer. His commentary wraps up our show this week.

Show #295 – April 30, 2016

Guests: Mountain2Mountain’s Shannon Galpin; Rich Roll

This week, my guests include National Geographic’s 2013 “Adventurer of the Year”, Shannon Galpin.

As many of you know, Shannon has been working tirelessly to bring cycling – with it’s messages of freedom, independence, and self-esteem to the women of Afghanistan.

The Afghani women’s cycling team has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for their bravery and persistence in the face of corruption and persecution.

This week, the New York Times published an article exposing the corruption and problems facing these women as their bikes, their funding, and their future as cyclists are being stripped away by the coach who was supposed to train and protect them.

Shannon Galpin is my first guest this week and we delve into the problems the women of Afghanistan face and what she plans to do when she returns to the country after an 8-month absence.

After the break, we head out to Malibu, California to speak with pod caster, author, endurance triathlete, and vegan Rich Roll.

Rich’s story is both compelling and inspiring and his messages are clear. HIs best selling book, Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself, tell it all and we will discuss Rich’s philosophies, diet, and his message to those who don’t think they can “reach their goals”.

It’s a great show!

Show #232 – February 7, 2015

Guests: Shannon Galpin; Dr. Paul Dimeo; Joe Friel

It’s RADIOTHON WEEK! Please consider making a pledge to help support not only The Outspoken Cyclist, but also WJCU. We are a non-profit, non-commercial station and RADIOTHON is our once-a-year event to raise funds to keep our facility up-to-the-minute in quality equipment. You can pledge on line all week and, you can call in any time (216) 397-4438 and tell the person who answers the phone that the pledge is for the station in support of The Outspoken Cyclist show.
So… on with this week’s show.

After learning that two companies pulled the plug on their sponsorship of the Afghan Women’s Cycling team because of “fear of retribution” in light of the Charlie Hebdo bombings in France, I just needed to check in with Shannon Galpin to find out what happened, why it happened, and what can be done to get these brave young women the help they need so that they can ride their bikes. As Shannon says, when a 14 year old Malala can win a Nobel Peace Prize even though she was shot in the face for standing up for educating women in Muslim countries, these companies should not be afraid to offer assistance to others seeking their freedom and their rights.

We talk with Dr. Paul Dimeo, a Fulbright Scholar, lecturer, and researcher whose specialty is doping in sports. His article in “The Conversation” titled, “Forget Lance Armstrong: the next cycling doper might be your dad jumped out at me and I wanted to know more. Why do amateurs dope? What is the history of doping in sport, especially cycling? And, are things going to change? The conversation is enlightening!

Finally, I welcome back Joe Friel. At 70, Joe, who has written several training bibles and is himself an endurance athlete, recently released “Fast After 50. How To Race Strong For the Rest of Your Life”. Yes, he admits we all slow down; but, he also gives us great ways to stay healthy, strong, fit, and live a longer life by NOT succumbing to the thinking that older equals decline.  The book includes many short essays from professional cyclists, triathletes, runners, doctors, and sports professionals.

BIG show… let’s GO

Show #215 – October 11, 2014

Guests: Brendan Lyons; Shannon Galpin

Get ready for another great show this evening. After congratulating ourselves for beating Pittsburgh in the National Bike Challenge, we head on out to Arizona to learn about “LOOK – Save A Life – Arizona” and the story of Brendan Lyons and Lorena Evans. Last October the couple was hit from behind by a distracted motorist while training for the El Tour de Tucson. After a year of recovery, they will be awarded the Dedication Award at this year’s event.

We will also speak with activist and philanthropist Shannon Galpin. Shannon’s non-profit Mountain2Mountain was formed to create education and opportunity for women and girls in conflict regions around the world. in 2013, Shannon received the National Geographic Society’s “humanitarian of the year” award, and this month her new book, Mountain to Mountain details the work she’s done to help put girls on bikes in Afghanistan. The story is fascinating.

Show #137 – April 6, 2013



Imagine if your wife, sister, or daughter was prohibited from riding a bicycle. Imagine if you competed in a sport which was controlled by organizations that included virtually no representation by the athletes. Imagine if you could actually carry something besides yourself on a bicycle. Well, imagine no more, because this week’s Outspoken Cyclist features all three of these very real stories.

It would be easier to describe what Les Earnest hasn’t done than what he has done, but suffice it to say that you’re reading this on a computer because of at least one of Les’ many discoveries. He also happens to be a walking encyclopedia of the history of competitive cycling governance in the U.S., and an active participant in organizations such as the USCF and USA Cycling. His efforts have focused on improving racer representation in the sport’s governing bodies.

Shannon Galpin is a National Geographic 2013 Adventurer of the Year for her work with women in Afganistan. Specifically, Shannon runs an organization called Mountain 2 Mountain which is helping put women on bikes in a country where the culture prohibits it. And these women aren’t “just riding around” they’re training and racing with the goal of fielding an Olympic team.

Lastly, we meet Ben Sarrazin of Yuba Cargo Bikes. Ben grew up in France, and was inspired by seeing people using bikes for transportation. During summer kayaking trips to the U.S., he saw an opportunity to create and sell transportation and cargo bikes here in the ‘States. From cupcakes to kayaks, a cargo bike can help you get it (and you) where you want to go.