Show #333 – February 04, 2017

Guests: Slate Olson; Amanda Batty; Chris Case

We start our show with a cycling marketing whiz. Slate Olson, who was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, began his professional marketing career with sports giant Nike in Beaverton.

From there he became the point man in the U.S. for Rapha, helping to lead the eclectic and well respected brand for over 7 years. Moving from the small, exclusive world of apparel, Slate spent a couple of years with Specialized, taking on the role of Chief Marketing Officer.

Now, wanting to go back to his roots, he comes full circle. Slate has accepted the CEO position with Chrome Industries, which is about to leave the Bay Area and head back to Oregon.

Slate and I have a very interesting conversation about marketing, the bicycle brands he’s worked with over the years, and what he sees as the future of our ever evolving business.

The there is a short with Amanda Batty that was part of a podcast with the folks over at Red Kite Prayer. Patrick Brady asked me if I would participate in this project as they highlighted several cycling luminaries about women in the sport. You can hear the entire show at Red Kite Prayer.

After short break, it’s off to Boulder, Colorado to speak with Chris Case, Velo News’ managing editor and the co-author of the new book The Haywire Heart.

When I spoke with Lennard Zinn back in 2015, I learned about the travails he’d been through with an irregular heart beat issue. Along with what now appears to be many, many more endurance athletes who are experiencing heart issues, Lennard has had to do some real soul searching to comes to the realization that his needed to make some serious changes in his life.

Chris Case, along with Lennard and Dr. John Mandrola combine their respective talents to give us all a deep and thorough introduction to what we might now call The Haywire Heart and what you can do to protect yourself.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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