Show #490 – February 1, 2020

Guests: Benita Warns; Jay Kinsinger

Benita Warns (and her husband Mr. Michael – who is a special guy unto himself) own and operate Midway Bicycle Supply – a bike shop and bike supply company TO bike shops, in St Paul, MN.

It all started with a young man who wanted a bike and couldn’t afford one – even a good used one. From there, Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles – a non-profit organization that refurbed and gave away hundreds of bike – 719 of them in 2019 alone – over 8,000 of them since 2004.

What’s even more impressive? it’s the way they not only got into bike supply but what they do after the sale that is so unusual.

Right in the middle of The Little Miami Scenic Trail system in southern Ohio, one of the best trail systems anywhere, lies the little town of Cedarville. And, right in the town of Cedarville is Sojourn Cyclery – one of the only builders of hand crafted wood bikes. Let me introduce you to Jay Kinsinger – professor, woodworker, bike builder.

Jay’s Dad was a shop teacher; Jay fell in love with bikes AND woodworking as a youngster.

Sojourn Cyclery will be at NAHBS 2020 in Dallas next month. You can also see some of his work in action on You Tube at Sojourn Cyclery Building Process Overview, or follow Sojourn on Instagram and Facebook.

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