Show #576 – October 9, 2021

Guests: Jeremy Powers; Ted Rogers & Steve Ewing

Sea Otter is in full swing this weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to grab one of the stars of our sport who is attending the festival and see what he’s up to.

My first guest is Jeremy Powers.  Jeremy is without a doubt the winningest dude in cyclocross history.  During his career he racked up 90 UCI victories  four USA Cyclocross national championships, and the 2015 Pan American Championship.

He has a long history of philanthropy in the sport as a major piece of the JAM Fund  which gives grants to riders who live within hours of the community of the North Hampton Cycling Club in Mass..

He spent two years commentating on the global cycling network and now, he’s with WHOOP – one of the most innovative fitness wearables on the market today.

Ya’ know – I don’t usually tout a specific manufacturer or specific products. ,

But today, I break that rule – well, it isn’t a hard and fast rule anyway – to bring you a snapshot of a company that I think is worth a look-see.

Starting back in the late 70’s Cathy Rogers – nee Schnaubel (and THAT should ring a bell with some old timers like me) couldn’t find a cycling short for women, taught herself to sew.  Others saw the shorts, wanted a pair or two, and voila! Schaubel was born.  Most of their production ended up being for other brands when, in 1974 NAFTA came along, manufacturing shifted offshore, and the company was out of business 17 month slater

BUT, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, and with a new-style marketing idea, Cathy said – let’s try this again… and today, we have AeroTech Designs.

I will also preface the conversation with the fact that, AeroTech is not a sponsor of nor supports the podcast in any way – but, I do buy and wear their cycling shorts.

Show #575 – October 2, 2021

Guests: Frank Yohannon; Marlon Lee Moncrieffe, Rob DeMartini

This week, we have three conversations for you.  I hope you enjoy them all.

Sea Otter 2020 was, of course virtual only, so when Sea Otter director Frank Yohannon decided an in person event was a go, we decided to needed to talk.

The Sea Otter Classic is over 30 years old and one of the most exciting events on the cycling calendar each year.  Usually held in April, the festival was postponed until October kicking off next Friday, October 7th, and running through the weekend.

Although the expo will be smaller this year than in the past because of travel restrictions for overseas exhibitors, there will be no lack of fun or interesting things to do and see.

Then I speak with  Dr. Marlon Lee Moncrieffe.  He’s a professor of education at the University of Brighton in the UK,  he’s a cyclist who used to race at a professional level, and he’s black.

During his time racing and since, he has asked the same questions we do – why aren’t there more black cyclists in the pro peloton and even more pertinent – where are all the black cyclists anywhere and everywhere?

As such, Dr Moncrieffe’s work has been centered around black cyclists and his new book, Black Champions in Cycling, is a fascinating look into some places you might not be comfortable looking – discrimination, prejudices, and the abominable treatment of young athletes.

And yet, there is desire and determination and ultimately, there are successes!

Marlon and I talk frankly about what it’s really going to take to see black and brown riders racing freely in the pro peloton and especially in Europe. And, as he asks, at what point does the talented black cyclist find him or herself reaching the proverbial glass ceiling in racing?

Lastly, we bring USA Cycling’s Rob DeMartini back to the show to unpack the first in the inclusion conference series. It’s a raw look at what cycling needs to do to change the status-quo and welcome EVERYONE into the sport.

The conference is hosted by the organization but run by Ashland Johnson, founder of the Inclusion Playbook.  Originally planned as an in-person event, USAC decided it would be prudent to pivot to an online presentation and from there broke the conference up into a once-a-month, 2-hour series to which anyone who is interested is invited.






Show #496 – March 21, 2020

Guests: Dr. Michael Lewis; Betsy Welch; Frank Yohannan, Caron Whitaker

Hello and welcome to TOC. I’m your host Diane Jenks and this is our show for March 21, 2020. Happy spring! Well… maybe.

It’s been a really rough week for everyone – regardless of where you live and what you ordinarily do.

So, when deciding what to share with you this week, I was pleasantly surprised by a message about Dr. Michael Lewis. At first, I thought – well, he has more knowledge than probably 99% of us about how infectious diseases work; but, more importantly, he has a lot of things to share that will give you hope and help you to persevere in these incredibly daunting and trying times.

Then, we’ll speak with Velo News’ Senior Editor, Betsy Welch. I wanted to check in to see what the Velo News staff is doing and how they will cover the now mostly cancelled racing season.

I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to attend Sea Otter in Monterey next month. I had such big plans! BUT, not to worry… Sea Otter has been rescheduled and we are going to hear all about it when I welcome Frank Yohannan, the CEO of the Sea Otter Classic, to the show.

And, finally, we’ll chat with the LAB’s VP for Government Relations , Caron Whitaker about the now virtual Bike Summit and how they not only pulled it together at the last minute; but, how you can actually participate in every single break out session, the keynote address, and even get in on the Capitol Hill ask.

I want to add one more thing – I am sure you are up to your proverbial ears in what all the experts are saying, with all the day-long coverage of how we don’t have enough masks, ventilators, beds, or trained workers – BUT, if you are healthy, you can jump on your bike and just ride around the neighborhood or take to a local trail, or walk your dog around the block. There is an excellent book, “To Be Healed By The Earth” by Warren Grossman that I highly recommend if you are interested. Check it out on I think it could be a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gray landscape.

Show #242 – April 18, 2015

Guests: Anna Schwinn; Matt Bruning and Julie Walcoff from ODOT; Sea Otter Classic with Paul Skilbeck

Flowers blooming, sun shining, and birds singing – it is spring here in NE Ohio; always welcomed and appreciated!

This week we have a trio of guests for you beginning with one of the zaniest and wittiest women in the bike world today. When we last talked with Anna Schwinn, her fledgling all-women’s cycling team “Koochella Racing” had just been formed and Anna was designing bikes.

Today, her team has grown, their focus has expanded, and Anna is now able to direct her attention on her team’s efforts as she pursues her freelance work for Bike Rumor. We talk about track racing and the NSC Velodrome in Minnesota. And, Anna has some great insight into women’s cycling at the grass roots level that I hadn’t heard before and I think you’ll find it enlightening.

Then it’s off to Columbus, Ohio with Matt Bruning, Press Secretary for the State of Ohio Department of Transportation and Julie Walcoff, the Ohio bike/ped and Safe Routes To School coordinator. Ohio’s Governor Kasich signed a $3 billion (that’s with a “B”) transportation bill on April 1st, and I wanted to learn how some of that money might go to funding bike/ped projects as well as expanding education efforts.  Matt and Julie are full of great information for us.

Finally, the 25th annual Sea Otter Classic kicked off this weekend and our press inside man-on-the-ground Paul Skilbeck talks with us about the events, a bit of background, and how this silver anniversary will be celebrated. You can also follow the Sea Otter this year with their new mobile app on both Apple and Android platforms.

Big show – lots going on – so, hit the play button and let’s roll.

Show #136 – March 30, 2013



I’m told we can blame the record number of “trainer miles” ridden this year on the Greenland Block. I’m about ready to fly up there, kick some Viking ass, and get that thing moving. In the meantime, here’s another hour of cycling conversation to divert your attention while you ride the “bike to nowhere”.

First up is an interview with Gillian Klempner Willman, who directed and produced a new film entitled The New Woman. It’s a documentary about Annie Londonderry’s journey around the world on her bicycle in 1894. The New Woman will be screening locally in April as part of the Cleveland International Film Festival.

For about 120 years, one constant about the bicycle has been the chain. We love them, we hate them, we lube them, but (so far) we haven’t been able to live without them. The Gates Company is attempting to change that with their Gates Carbon Drive. Joining us this week is Paul Tolme, Brand Evangelist for Gates to enlighten us on what it is, how it works, and why you might want one.

Rounding out the show this week is a look into one of the biggest bike race/festivals in the country: The Sea Otter Classic, which is coming up in mid-April in Monterey, California. We’ll hear from Jeff Frost, who is the Sea Otter Athletic Director about what’s happening in addition to bike racing at this year’s event.