Show #576 – October 9, 2021

Guests: Jeremy Powers; Ted Rogers & Steve Ewing

Sea Otter is in full swing this weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to grab one of the stars of our sport who is attending the festival and see what he’s up to.

My first guest is Jeremy Powers.  Jeremy is without a doubt the winningest dude in cyclocross history.  During his career he racked up 90 UCI victories  four USA Cyclocross national championships, and the 2015 Pan American Championship.

He has a long history of philanthropy in the sport as a major piece of the JAM Fund  which gives grants to riders who live within hours of the community of the North Hampton Cycling Club in Mass..

He spent two years commentating on the global cycling network and now, he’s with WHOOP – one of the most innovative fitness wearables on the market today.

Ya’ know – I don’t usually tout a specific manufacturer or specific products. ,

But today, I break that rule – well, it isn’t a hard and fast rule anyway – to bring you a snapshot of a company that I think is worth a look-see.

Starting back in the late 70’s Cathy Rogers – nee Schnaubel (and THAT should ring a bell with some old timers like me) couldn’t find a cycling short for women, taught herself to sew.  Others saw the shorts, wanted a pair or two, and voila! Schaubel was born.  Most of their production ended up being for other brands when, in 1974 NAFTA came along, manufacturing shifted offshore, and the company was out of business 17 month slater

BUT, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, and with a new-style marketing idea, Cathy said – let’s try this again… and today, we have AeroTech Designs.

I will also preface the conversation with the fact that, AeroTech is not a sponsor of nor supports the podcast in any way – but, I do buy and wear their cycling shorts.